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This isn't just confined ot primary and secondary teachers. We have an ongoing letter of invitation to teach at Little Angels school. (See picture on home page)


Team teach with a local teacher of students from prep to year 8. The owner and Principal of Little Angel's School (See picture on home page), is a Christian and we are seeking those interested to be involved in our pilot program. English is the unifying language of India and is taught in the schools. More than likely paticipants will have the opportunity of teaching their own subject matter in the manner of their own choosing. If you simply wish to teach bible lessons that is o.k. It is a pilot program. Please note the Principal of the school has invited us and we have additional school contacts and opportunities.


It is only for two to three weeks duration during the Australian School holidays.


Participants will also have the opportunity of participating in other forms of Christian ministry if they choose. Ministry in local churches, seminars, drug rehabilitation centres and other areas of ministry of the Indian Partner.


Team members can stay either at the Diplomatic Centre or in the home of the Principal which can accomodate four team members. The school is only a ten minute drive from the Centre or a five minute walk from the Principal's home.


Please come and join us.



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