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REPORT/1 23/9/2016


Hi everyone,

Noel Donohue and I are having a fantastic time with the Bible College Students, Churches and Home Fellowships here in Imphal, Manipur North East India. I praise God for the continued move of the Holy Spirit which has been amazing and hasn’t abated since my last visit in April/ May 2016. The students continue to grow in maturity in the Lord and I have noticed a significant increase in their willingness to debate and confidence to speak. Please find attached an extremely interesting testimony given by my brother Noel. We had an amazing class time that followed and you will find the debate incredibly personally challenging (make sure you have a box of tissues handy for the tears). (Please refer to the next report for Noel's testimony)

Noel and I preached at Pastor David’s church last Sunday. David specifically asked me to preach on the topic of tithing which I did. At the end of the sermon people asked him why he had never preached on the importance of giving. At the end of the service I gave time for prayer and several people were instantly healed in response to words of knowledge God had given me. A number of young people encountered the presence of God and were instantly slain in the Holy Spirit. After that service we immediately left to visit a Baptist Church. We had to walk a few kilometers because the Hindus had blocked off the street in a protest march. Lines of people walked single file which must have extended back a number of kilometers. A number of spiritual parallels could be drawn about the direction they were heading and their need for salvation.

I was specifically asked to speak about the baptism in the Holy Spirit and water baptism. One of the students brought an unsaved friend and so I preached a brief salvation sermon followed by the main sermon. Noel sang a song (he has a really good voice).  At the end of the salvation message I invited those present to dedicate their lives to Christ and our student Kisan’s friend gave His life to the Lord.  I also invited those present who would like to be baptized in the Holy Spirit to come forward for prayer. Most of the congregation came  forward and  as  they stood there about  half  present started  speaking in tongues  even  before  any prayer had been given. As Noel  and  I  moved  amongst  the congregation and prayed for them every one of  them was  slain  in the Holy Spirit as we prayed even the Hindu boy that Kisan brought when  Noel  prayed for him.

Last night we visited Pastor David’s daughter and son in law. His son in law became a Christian shortly after his daughter was healed last year. His son in law invited one of his good friends and a couple from a Brethren Church attended. The young wife of the man was quite sick with a number of illnesses. Once again I discussed the meaning of the difference between receiving the seal of the Holy Spirit and the baptism in the Holy Spirit. The couple took time to digest what had been said. I then spent time on a salvation message for the unsaved friend. He gladly committed his heart to the Lord. When Noel  and I  prayed for  him,  he encountered  the presence  of the Lord  and  was slain in the Holy Spirit. Perhaps this encouraged the couple to be prayed for. The husband encouraged his wife to be prayed for. She was slain in the Holy Spirit and instantly healed although she did not speak in tongues. We prayed for the husband who requested prayer because he had recently had a brain tumor removed. As he sat there Noel and I prayed for him and he was slain in the Holy Spirit as he sat there. He didn’t speak in tongues but still encountered the presence of the Holy Spirit.

All of the Bible College students were slain in the Holy Spirit on during my last visit to the Bible College. They still struggle with the gift of tongues and one ex Baptist Evangelical Bible College student continues to argue that the gift and prophecy was dispensational and has ceased. We encourage debate and the saga continues. It is really quite a lot of fun. This Sunday we visit a Hindu Nepalese village. Please pray for significant salvations and the outpouring  of the Holy Spirit. It is likely to be dangerous so please pray for our safety.

Please pray for us as Noel  and  I  as we are about to visit a  significant area  near the Myanmar border consisting of  three  villages  the majority of people  being Christian.  However, they have had no concept about the baptism in the Holy Spirit.  Last time I was in one of the villages I was able to preach for ten minutes and pray for a number of sick people who were healed. They have asked us to come back and  speak about the baptism in the Holy Spirit which  we will be doing  this Sunday fortnight, expecting another day of Pentecost. These churches will bring revival to the local area continuing in to the nation of Myanmar. Noel and I have always been the best of mates and have done street ministry work together in Lilydale Victoria. The amazing favour of God continues. Please read the attached.

All my love,

Colin Lambert

Noel's Testimony

We had an amazing bible college class on 19/9/2016. My brother Noel Donohue gave this testimony and I paraphrase in my own words. ‘I spent three weeks working in an orphanage in the Hunan Province in China. There was a young man of about 16 years of age who was blind and couldn’t speak. I was also told he couldn’t hear, but that wasn’t true. Every day he was left in the corner of a room on his own. When I first met him I touched him and he covered himself up with his hands as if to protect himself from a blow. He had bruises of his face and body and I was told he was an easy target for anyone who thought that bullying was fun. He suffered many beatings from the other children. The staff members told me to leave him as they made crazy signs around their ears. He didn’t even have a name and in Chinese they simply addressed him as blind man.

One day I took him by the arm and led him to the outside world. He smelt the amazing fragrances of the Chinese markets and the other weird and wonderful odours. The horizons of his world opened up to him in rapturous delight. As we walked, people pointed and laughed at us. As the days passed, he would he hear the sound of my voice and walk towards it in the morning and rather than me leading him, he would urge us forward into the wonderful world of smell and sound that he loved so much. People outside stopped mocking us and a man walked up to us and asked me a question and said: “are you a Christian?” I said yes, I am” and he said “what you are doing is good.’ Noel did his best to verbally convey the gospel to this boy, but his Chinese was limited. With tears in my eyes as Noel gave this testimony I instantly received a Rhema word from God. It was like an immediate download into my spirit.

In the classroom we had two whiteboards. On one side I wrote. The law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus and a big YES and on the other side I wrote the letter of the law and a big NO. Then I asked the students if they thought that the boy was saved and to sit on the YES or NO side of their judgement. I am asking you to stop reading at this point and to do the same. There isn’t a third alternative here of not sure for the purpose of the theology lesson.

You might be interested to know at this point, that half the class sat on yes side and half on the no. I then allowed the NO side to explain the reasons for the judgement of their pronouncements which each one did very eloquently and I am pleased to say very scripturally. At the end of their pronouncements I said “well done. You are absolutely right” and congratulated saying, “Well done you are excellent Pharisees of the highest order. You are absolutely correct.” According to all the letter of the law and according to your argument the boy is unsaved.” After the laughter of my interpreter and those on the YES side died down and some strange glances from the students on the NO side, I then allowed the YES side to present their case. Once again I congratulated them after they presented their case and pronouncements and said “Well done, YES you are absolutely right” and like the NO side placed two big ticks on their YES.

On the yes side I then proceeded to write “…for the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus, has set me free from the law of sin and death.” (Rom 8:1-2).

At this stage of reading, I’m wondering on which side you are sitting and I’m inviting you to change sides. But I digress and must get back to what to what was said in class.

“So,” I said, “I hear you say that Noel didn’t preach the gospel as the boy didn’t hear the words of salvation and respond according to the gospel… very good Pharisees. Now didn’t Jesus say that if ‘you do it for the least of these you do it for me.’? Noel didn’t preach the gospel, he was the gospel and this he did for Jesus. Now let us consider the response of the boy. Minthang my interpreter then said, ‘Didn’t Jesus say that ‘my sheep hear my voice and I know them.’ When Noel spoke didn’t the boy walk to his voice? I then sat in the corner and asked Noel to come over to me. I lifted my hands to him and said nothing. Noel with tears in his eyes lifted me up and I said to the students referring to the boy “are you sure he hasn’t confesses Jesus Christ as his Lord?” Noel was Jesus Christ in the flesh to this boy who surely fell into the arms of His Saviour. Surely this young boy falling into the arms of Noel was surely falling into the arms of Jesus and had accepted Jesus Christ into his heart in accordance with the Spirit of the scriptures and not the letter of the law. So I said once again, “Yes, you Pharisees according to the letter of the law this boy is surely going straight to hell. Fortunately, I won’t meet him there and I look forward to one day meeting him with many tears as Noel introduces him to me in the heavenly kingdom of our redeeming King.


Colin Lambert​

REPORT/2 1/10/2016


Hi everyone,

It has been a very exciting time watching the baptism in the Holy Spirit being poured out in the churches. When salvation and the resurrection are preached, a strong outpouring of the Holy Spirit has followed. People have been flooding the altar call and have been very quick to come forward. The instantaneous healing of many people walking to the altar call has been experienced. I can only say that my eyes have been opened with respect to the need to preach strongly on the resurrection. I have been extremely blessed by Ron Suter who gave the Bible College many old and new books of various sorts which I took last trip. Frankly, I have been more blessed than the Bible College students in reading them. One in particular was 12 sermons on the Resurrection, by Charles Haddon Spurgeon. I’ve only read 50 pages but they have taken me to unexpected places on this journey and have made me hungry for much more. I’ve also read books on Hudson Taylor and Rees Howells- amazing books about amazing men. The heart of their ministry was ‘my extremity is God’s opportunity.’ I know where they are coming from as I look to reach Nth East India.

The Bible College students still struggle with speaking in tongues. They have all been to churches where the Holy Spirit has been poured out and seen people speak in tongues even the children. All the Bible College students have been slain in the Holy Spirit even before they were taught about it, yet they struggle with the gift of tongues. I feel like my head is hitting the wall. They have all come from strong evangelical backgrounds and seem to think that God needs to open their mouths and start talking for them. It is driving me crazy.

Several people have come to the Bible College to be prayed for healing and God has instantaneously and miraculously healed them. Some have been the relatives of the students and some have come as a result of what has happened in the churches.

They have conductors of the church services that direct the proceedings. We preached at a church where virtually all came from a Hindu background. They basically had salvation and that was about it. (PTL) Once again the Holy Spirit was powerfully poured out. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get to the children for the press of the adults at the altar call. I looked up and there I saw Noel Donohue praying for the children who were all slain in the Holy Spirit. The service conductor was another evangelical pastor and seeing the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, has requested that we preach in his church today (Saturday). This is very encouraging as we expect and look to yet another move of the Spirit of God.

Noel Donohue writes.

“The College had their first outreach into the community today. They went to the local Cultural Market and shared testimonies, songs and street drama. Three of the students sang solos. Mang and Gol Gol were the two students who shared their testimonies. Mang quoting scripture Rom 10:9-10. The feedback from the people was very favourable ranging from ‘why would these people do this good thing for free?’ Two Christian ladies asked each other why their own churches didn’t do this good thing. At the conclusion of the outreach, the students went around the market handing out Gideon New Testaments to those willing to accept them- most accepted as they spoke to the store holders and customers. Some people even wanted to pay for the Testaments which of course we said were free.

Our Heavenly Father knows the eternal ramifications and differences to peoples’ lives from today’s happenings but I am fully confident that God’s word went out today and that it “will not return to Him empty but will accomplish that which He deserves.” (Isaiah 55:11) Praise God for the courage and preparation that these students of God’s word displayed today.

Please keep praying for us and pass on this report to your contact list.

God Bless you all,

Colin Lambert.

REPORT/3 4/10/2016




It’s been a very exciting time over Saturday and Sunday 1st and 2nd October 2016. The beginnings of this report has its’ foundation during the 24/7 month of Prayer in Lilydale for the region of the shire of the Yarra Ranges. B.V. (I haven’t asked permission to include her name) completed a painting which I took to be extremely prophetic in a number of ways. It was a picture of the burning bush. It was particularly prophetic for India. You can see a picture of the painting attached. Below the burning bush the artist has painted some Indian gourds which is an extremely fruitful plant and from one runner much fruit can be obtained. I see this as prophetic for the fruitfulness of the Manipur Nth East India ministry. But it was also extremely prophetic over this last weekend.

On Thursday of last week, I noticed a small bottle of honey and interestingly enough the lid had virtually the same type of tree that the artist had drawn (see below). It immediately resonated within me to use this bottle for anointing oil. The bible tells us that Jesus is the one who baptizes in the Holy Spirit. The same “I am,” spoke to Moses from the burning bush and it was this same I am was who was in the garden of Gethsemane when the soldiers were forced to the ground. So the promise of the Father is represented by the glass bottle, the lid represents Jesus who is the One who baptizes in the Holy Spirit and the oil held in the bottle represents the Holy Spirit. To me this is a rather amazing picture of the Godhead and the baptism in the Holy Spirit.


























On the Saturday morning we visited a rather isolated church in the middle of many rice paddies. It was extremely beautiful and surrounded by mountains in the distance and also very hot. It was a real privilege to preach there. In my morning-prayer time I believe God spoke to me and told me to use the anointing oil and pray for people without preaching. Now did God really say that? I felt extremely out of my comfort zone with this and I have to confess that I didn’t do it and felt terrible as I was preaching. Hmm what would you do? Anyway I finished my message and several people gave their lives to Christ, but I also said that signs and wonders will follow the preaching and teaching of the resurrection and asked people to come forward for prayer. I took out my oil bottle and anointed the first lady with oil in Jesus name and she was instantly slain in the Holy Spirit and slumped in a chair. She gripped the sides of the chair and spoke in tongues at the top of her voice as I could see the fire of God come upon her. Noel Donohue told me later that Minthang and David had their eyes popping out of their heads in amazement. I’ve got to tell you I was pretty amazed myself. I continued to use the anointing oil and everyone we prayed for was slain in the Holy Spirit even the young children. The teenage girls who had been baptized in the Holy Spirit then came and prayed for the Pastor’s wife in tongues.

I was surprised in the first instance that the Pastor allowed me to preach in his church. He belongs to the Evangelical Free Church of India and what happened is frankly, pretty frowned upon. He asked me to preach as a result of hearing my message in another church. He liked the message but not the miraculous. I asked Minthang about it later and said why did he let me preach? Minthang said because he didn’t expect the miracles to happen in his own church.

On the Sunday I continued to use the anointing oil and the miraculous continued to happen. I had preached at the Pastor’s church before, but he also had a second church and asked me to preach there as well. We arrived very late at 4.00 p.m. already having preached in two churches. This time I decided I wouldn’t preach first. After giving a brief introduction about anointing with oil, I then specifically asked the women to come forward for prayer. Once again the Holy Spirit fell upon them as they were slain in the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues (including the children). My three companions Minthang, Pastor David and Noel were very surprised that I didn’t preach first as would be the normal order, but I was so disturbed in my spirit because I hadn’t been obedient the first time. I then prayed for them and the same outpouring took place.

I stopped praying for people at 6.25 p.m. and said that they could leave if they needed to, as I realized it was quite late. Nearly all of the women left at that time about six remained. They had Hindu husbands who might beat them if they remained and so they took the children home with them. Later Noel came to my room and like a real brother spoke to me and asked me why I didn’t preach first? I then explained why. Later at breakfast Minthang also told me that he and Pastor David were also very surprised and thought that perhaps it was because I was tired. The Pastor of the church came up to Minthang and asked if he had told me to pray first. Minthang actually apologized, but the Pastor said “No, no don’t apologise. I wanted him to pray first other-wise the people would have been unable to see the miracles because the women had to go home.” So as you can see the timing was all in the hands of the Lord and was miraculous in it-self.

Now concerning anointing with oil, this was the first time that I ever did it. I am an ordained pastor under the VCC denomination however I would have used the anointing oil even had I not been. I believe that Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath and I also believe that He is the Lord of the anointing oil and I feel rather justified by the outcomes of the prophetic that actually took place. If anyone has an issue please refer to the Lord of the anointing oil for any further discussion.

Many new people have given their hearts to the Lord in the church meetings. The Hindus come to them as there isn’t much going on in down town Imphal.


Colin Lambert



I phoned Minthang when I was in Mumbai and he gave me this verbal report.


The people at the rice paddy church immediately went out and started sharing with their friends and relatives. After the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, over two weeks the small church had grown by an additional 25 people. The first lady I prayed fore went to her neighbour and witnessed to him about what had happened. Apparently he was quite a prominent man. He called the leaders of the denomination in Churandchandpur and asked them why they hadn’t preached to him the full gospel?


The leaders of the denomination then called the Pastor and asked him why he had allowed Pentecostal preachers to minister in his church? The Pastor replied that he didn’t know they were Pentecostal and all that they preached was directly from the bible and there was nothing wrong with it. They told him that he shouldn’t have allowed it and that he was to report to them the next day. When he discussed it with his church members they told him not to worry and if they pulled the church down that they would build another.


Minthang went to the church of some of the bible college students. When he went to pray for the people many of them were slain in the Holy Spirit and got up speaking in tongues. He didn’t lay his hands on them and this happened.




We left Imphal for Pune on the 20th October, 2016. We had only two days to minister to the Bible College students. I continued to use the oil bottle and when I did so several of the students immediately spoke in tongues. I asked Noel to give his testimony about the Chinese blind boy and once again used it for a class discussion to see whether or not the students thought the boy was saved. Interestingly, the majority sat on the yes he was saved side and only six on the no. At the end of the discussion one of the no boys changed sides and sat on the yes. Ranji commented later how useful the exercise was because they had trouble getting the students to open up and discuss issues. I imagine the games that we played with the students also helped in that difficulty and they really enjoyed the fun that we had.


We hired a taxi to drive us to Mumbai which surprisingly took us only about 4 hours. I’d say about the same time as if we had flown when you allow taxi time to and from the airport and baggage collection. I wanted to see the country side and it ended up being about $160 cheaper than flying. We crossed the Sahyadri mountain range which was really quite an experience, a really relaxing way of travel and a lot of fun. When we went to check into our hotel they wouldn’t allow us to do so as there had been some terrorist movement in the area. Failing to check in, we immediately went to preach in a church in a semi-slum area- a really great privilege.


There would have been about 20 men and women in the church. From the time we left Pune to the time we finished was about 7.5 hrs and so we were quite tired by the end. One of the women started to leave early half way through my preaching. But I asked her if I could pray for her before she left and that it wouldn’t take long. She came back for prayer and I lifted my hand to anoint her with oil and she was instantly slain in the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues. This also happened to others including the children. I thought that I’d finished and then one by one other people started to come in for prayer as the others I had already prayed for went out and brought them in. One was a man who was deaf in one ear. I prayed for him and he continued to step backwards as the Holy Spirit pressed upon him. I clicked my fingers and asked him if he had been healed he said no. I then shouted be healed and at that point he had a great big smile on his face and nodded and said now he was. We had to stay in a slightly cheaper but rather rough hotel.


The next day we had a Pastor’s conference where I shared on hindrances to and principles of revival. We prayed for all of the Pastors anointing them with oil many of whom had encounters with the Holy Spirit. That night we were invited to the home of Pastor Steven who invited me to preach at their regular monthly prayer meeting the next time I'm in Mumbai at which about 600 people from the Mumbai churches attend. He also invited me to preach in any of the churches of his influence in Mumbai. Truly this will be a great honour in the future. We were asked to pray for a young couple. When I anointed the woman with oil, she instantly spoke in tongues.


Pastor Sundra Rao organised our Mumbai program. His main language is Telegu and not the more common Marathi which is the main language of Pastor Steven and the most common in Mumbai.


The next day was Sunday and we preached in Pastor Rao’s church and it was the same day we left for home. Once again we prayed for the congregation and anointed them with oil. I prayed for the children first and a number of them were instantly slain in the Holy Spirit. I then proceeded to pray for the ladies. One girl instantly spoke in tongues when anointed. The next girl interestingly manifested a demon when I applied the oil and so I cast it out. Many people started speaking in tongues when the oil was applied.


One of the congregation is an airline pilot for Air India and his wife an air hostess. On the Saturday night, they took us out to dinner at an extremely nice hotel. It was a real blessing and shows their loving hearts toward us. They also dropped us off at the airport for the return trip home.




Oh the agony of it. I don’t look for demons under every bush. But I’ll leave it up to you to decide what was going on.


  1. The plane from Mumbai to New Delhi was 2 ½ hrs late due to a technical fault. We had a 4 hour buffer just in case but I knew it was still going to be close now as a result of the delay.

  2. When we arrived and went to the Air Asia check in after collecting our baggage, one of the conveyor belts had broken down and the check in girl couldn’t use it, therefore there were only three check in girls for the flight. When we finally got to one, her computer broke down and our boarding passes couldn’t be printed. This resulted in about another 10 minute delay.

  3. This was my first time at departing from New Delhi and we couldn’t find immigration. I thought we had to fill out a card and couldn’t find it anywhere. Only Indian nationals have to fill out the card. Another delay of perhaps 5 minutes by the time I found out.

  4. When we got to immigration there would have been in excess of 1,000 people trying to get through. We accidently got in the first and business class queue. I noticed about 5 minutes in. Noel apparently told me but I either didn’t hear or my mind was somewhere else. Another 5 minute delay.

  5. There were about 10 queues with long zig-zag lines of people. Each queue had four officers. I didn’t realise it at first but ours was the only one that had 3 and was therefore very slow and got even slower when one of the officers left and wasn’t replaced. Now down to 2 officers (all of the others had 4). If we got out of this queue and into another we could miss our flight and it looked like we would. Prayer time and two minutes later a new officer was there and we made it through to security with about 15 minutes to spare before the flight gate closed.

  6. The lady before me at security has a lighter in her carry on and the security officer has to write up her name in the book with her boarding pass number. My bag which has passed the security check isn’t yet stamped or pushed down for me to collect while the officer writes it up.

  7. Finally Noel follows me. They think he has a torch with batteries which is actually only a gastro bottle with tablets. The security guard on the x-ray machine wants to take a look after the first officer has already put Noel’s other belongings away. All this perhaps an extra 7 minutes delay.

  8. Through at last and walking to the gate and Noel realises that he has left his passport and ticket at security. Runs back to get it.

  9. Just before the gate Noel needs to go to the toilet.

  10. We make it through second and third last on the plane, very stressed but relieved all the same.


I normally make sure we spend the night at the airport of final departure to make sure we have plenty of time to catch the plane home. On this trip we opened up a new ministry field in Mumbai and had only two days of ministry there and for that reason I decided to risk a connecting flight to have the extra ministry. This will be the first and last time I do that. I will always make sure in the future that I am at the departing airport the day before and stay the night in that city.


I haven’t talked about many of the instantaneous miraculous healings that took place as there were too many to mention.


All my love,



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