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On Good Friday March 2017 I preached at a Baptist Church of the Kom tribal group. I was only able to preach for 10 minutes as several other people gave short messages as well. At the end of the service I invited people forward for prayer. Three people were healed and one in particular from a bowel that had been blocked for three months. Two hours after the service finished the young lady had the contents removed and was made totally whole.


The church members wanted Minthang and I to preach and we tried to make arrangements with the Pastor. The day after our preaching the Kom Baptist leadership forbade the Pastor to allow us to preach. As the Pastor receives support from them he complied. He always made an excuse for us not to attend. Also the leaders of the denomination turned up and stayed for three days after we first preached.



In October of 2017 I visited Loktak Lake a two hour journey from Imphal, with three other Australians.  Minthang in passing mentioned Thanga Karang Island and it caught my interest and I believe the Holy Spirit was encouraging me to do an outreach there. At the time I wasn’t even aware that there were inhabited Islands on the Lake.  It is has approximately 1,500 people. In April 2017 we visited the family and conducted a small outreach in their home.


About 25 people gathered to hear my preaching. The family numbered eight people and the rest were of a Hindu background. A prominent man of the village was invited along with a number of strong looking Hindu men. There was an older Hindu woman who looked quite sick who was supported by a younger woman sitting and she sat the whole time while I preached praying to some Hindu God. It was certainly spiritually distracting however, I was able to persevere and succeed in preaching the risen Christ. I was quite bold in my preaching and some of our helpers were somewhat afraid as a result.


The family came forward for prayer and two of them were slain in the Holy Spirit. Then a teenage boy came forward who was deaf and dumb. I anointed him in oil in the name of Jesus and he was instantly slain in the Holy Spirit and when he awoke he both spoke and talked which caused no small stir amongst those present. Then they asked me to pray for the older woman previously mentioned. I said I would only pray for her if she gave me her permission. I anointed her with oil and when I said in Jesus name her body jerked violently twice and as I continued to pray for her it was like electricity was pulsing through her body.


I went out of the house and found that the young healed deaf and dumb boy had immediately gone and found a friend insisting that I pray for him. I anointed the friend with oil in Jesus name and again that boy was slain in the Holy Spirit. At that time people shouted from inside the house that the old lady had been completely healed.


As a result the chief man told Minthang that if Colin came back for more teaching that they would become Christians. Now there is a need for a larger team to attend with me to hold a larger outreach across the island now that the invitation has been received. Please come and join me.

Hi Col,


Two girls from Changpikot Church came to see me with our elder Zangpau. They said they had a very disturbing and serious illness which they would not disclose to any other person. Not even to Colin when he prayed for them. It was extremely painful and was a real obstacle in their personal life.  However, the two girls told me on March 29th 2017 after Colin prayed for us our serious sickness has completely left us and will never come back as God has healed us.  We highly exalt our loving living God for healing us and thank Colin for his determination in prayer and his strong faith.


Zangpau told us that three other women from a very conservative Evangelical church told him that they were healed from their serious sicknesses. They saw the first miracles of God in their lives after more than 57 years of their Christianity. They said repeatedly that they were Christian from birth but they never thought that God would do miracles for them. This was the first time that they had seen God’s healing power in their personal life.


There are yet many more testimonies to come.


BANGLADESH 9/3/17 - 15/3/17

It was my first trip to Bangladesh and involved strenuous travel and hard conditions. I don't think the Pastor translated very well. There was a strong outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the pastor's church where most people were slain in the Holy Spirit and several started speaking in tongues. On this occasion I preached by people looking up the bible verses on the baptism in the Holy Spirit so that there could be no confusion. In particular, a little Roman Catholic lady who attended crossed herself before I prayed for her. I anointed her with oil and said in the name of Jesus and she instantly spoke in tongues. 

The villages were very poor.  The way forward will be to set up some kid's clubs in the villages. I was expecting to preach mainly to Muslims, however the partner's main ministry was to believing ex - Bengali Hindus. He has 33 churches with approximately 5,000 members. Theses churches are the poorest of the poor where both parents work and the children are uneducated and run riot unsupervised in the villages during the day. The Partner wants to open schools but that will cost around $9,000 p.a. for each school- all welfare dollars which I'm against. However, I will seek to establish kid's clubs which will cost around $2,000 to set up and cost around $500 ongoing. I seek to take a team of 8 people probably in Sept 2017.

IMPHAL MANIPUR 16/3/17 - 1/4/17

I have never seen such and exciting move of the Holy Spirit in my ministry. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit to heal and the promise of the Father poured out was staggering. People were healed from cancer, goitres, HIV, paralysis and many other things. One boy on Thanga Karang Island who was deaf and dumb instantly heard and spoke. 

- As a result of an outpouring in the Kom tribal baptist churches, they now want a seminar for their leaders. 

- I preached in the Evangelical Congregational Church of India in the church of the moderator of the denomination. I prayed for every single person and they were all slain in the Holy Spirit. Many spoke in tongues and were healed. Please see a picture of 4 teenage girls slain in the Holy Spirit (Picture 1). The girls remained under the influence of the Holy Spirit for about an hour.  (Note: The denomination in Nth East India is about 40,000). After I left, the Moderator convened a meeting of the denomination's leadership advising them about the outpouring. He now has the majority of his leaders wanting to know more about the work of the Holy Spirit. We will conduct conferences and preaching in the churches in the future. It was truly amazing the way the young people so easily received and encountered the Holy Spirit. The pouring out of the Holy Spirit on small children was truly a sign and wonder- even the small children of around 5 years of age. (e.g photo 2)

MUMBAI SLUMS 2/4/17 - 9/4/17

Mumbai has a population of about 20 million people and 10 million live in the slum areas. Basically the rich are very rich and the poor very poor in Mumbai. In every single church and home fellowship I attended nearly all the people were slain in the Holy Spirit. In discussions with Pastor Sundra he estimates that we prayed for about 2,000 people. I often had three or four meeting every day bar a couple for rest and recovery. I have a plan for reaching the slums with the gospel in a significant way. One lady I prayed for kept rising up onto her toes testing her immediate healing. One Muslim lady and her children were saved at a meeting in a slum that borders a forest with panthers and tigers. Both she and her children were slain in the Holy Spirit. This was an amazing church and the miraculous was truly poured out. One lady clasped the back of her neck as a demon moved round to the front of her mouth and her jaw started chattering, when I said go in Jesus name it went and she was slain in the Holy Spirit. 

This information is so much of a summary. I would have to write books to describe all that happened and there are many reports still to come from my overseas ministry partners. But I wanted to fill you in as I realise you are probably all hanging out to hear what happened. 

Basically all this happened because I believe what the bible says. But the prayers of the saints back at home and the prophetic were the significant reasons for the most amazing outpouring I have ever seen. More to come.



  1. I anointed a woman in Jesus name and she instantly grasped her back as the Holy Spirit immediately fell upon her and her whole body started shaking. This continued for a few minutes and the woman was totally healed.

  2. When I was speaking in tongues, two women kept nodding their heads as if they understood what the Holy Spirit was saying.

  3. As I was praying for people a man came forward and I had a word of knowledge about him. I simply said you are a very, very brave man and the congregation heard what I had said through the interpreter. Two terrorists with automatic weapons had captured a prominent citizen of the village and demanded money to release the captive. Alone, the man had gone against them and killed them with only a shotgun and retrieved the prominent citizen. The word of knowledge glorified God through the miraculous revelation and increased the faith of the people present to believe God for great things.

  4. I prayed for a man in Churandchandpur who had cancer and then his wife. The man was totally healed and both were slain in the Holy Spirit. The man has been spreading the news throughout the village and city over the last few weeks.

  5. A woman with goitre received a progressive healing and her two children were delivered from demon possession. Later on in their church the Holy Spirit sovereignly fell upon the two girls and they started speaking in tongues. I prayed for the girls twice and they were instantly slain in the Holy Spirit.

  6. After the service in the Kom Baptist Church, a woman started speaking in tongues in her home and her husband forbade her. The more he forbade her, the more she spoke. Their daughter came out and reprimanded her father saying that nothing like this movement of God and miracles had happened in their church before and does he want to stop the move of God. He thought about it and then agreed with his daughter.

  7. There was a demon possessed girl and I’d just touch her gently on the arm and she kept jumping when I did. People in the village didn’t believe that she had been delivered but her parents told them to come and see. When they did the village members were amazed.

  8. Several people started speaking in tongues simply when anointed with oil in Jesus name.

  9. I prayed for about 2,000 people in Mumbai and the Holy Spirit fell on nearly all of them and they were slain in the Holy Spirit. I preached in approximately 40 churches mainly in the slums.

  10. One pastor heard my preaching on the baptism in the Holy Spirit and understood the difference between the seal of the Holy Spirit and the baptism in the Holy Spirit. When he was slain in the Holy Spirit he fell forward when most people fall backward. His wife and daughter were also slain in the Holy Spirit.

  11. One woman at the forest slum church started rubbing the back of her neck as what appeared to be a demon came into her mouth and her mouth started clenching up and down. When I said go in Jesus name the demon left her.

  12. The massive outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the moderator of the Evangelical Congregational Church of India. Miraculous healing and people slain in the Holy Spirit in particular four teenage girls who were slain in the Holy Spirit and remained that way for about one hour. The pastor went and got his wife who was preparing a meal for me and she was slain in the Holy Spirit then started speaking in tongues. The Pastor went and rounded up other absent members of his church wanting me to pray for them.

  13. The Kom Baptist Church of Manipur now wants a seminar on the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

  14. There was a paralysed man that I anointed with oil and when I did he received sensation in the paralysed areas of his body. He is progressively getting better and feels he will be able to walk soon.

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