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We seek to take at least two short term mission teams annually. The regular mission trip usally takes place in mid-April. The second is subject to the needs of the Indian Partner. We also accomodate churches wishing to lead their own teams. Before this can happen, the leadership must have participated in an April mission trip to understand the type of ministry possible and to be linked with a NE Indian partner. The approximate cost of the trip in fares is around $1,600 and $2,000 in other expenses (up to three weeks). There is nothing worse than going on a missions trip and feeling like you have been part of the luggage. We want people to have their expectations met. If that means participants would like to preach, teach or minister in their area of gifting they will be empowered to do so.


Realistically, What can a Short-Term Missions Trip Achieve? 


Participants will gain significant life skills through the trip. But really the motivation for the trip is about the people we serve. I've heard it said by some that more may be achieved if team members simply donated their money rather than go on the trip. The value of team member's teaching church planting pastors shouldn't be under-valued, nor their preaching in churches. Many Hindu people actually attend Christian services and have been saved and planted as a result of team member particiption. Team members are a natural way of bringing inquisitive people into the churches who woudn't normally attend. Team members with discretion can also say things that local pastors may not feel comfortable, or are unwilling to say. Then there is the Holy Spirit breathing on what members have taught after we leave. Then there are the signs and wonders of the New Testament church: healing the sick; raising the dead and loving the poor of heart. International teams can leave a lasting legacy although the opposite can be said if care isn't taken. We need to place our faith in the ability of our awesome God and not in ourselves.


Some of the trip money goes directly to the Partner's ministry. How can people have a passion for on-going financial support if they haven't seen the mission field they are contributing to? It is hoped that the teaching, preaching and other experiences gained will equip and inspire team members in their own church ministry when they return.


It is a simple fact that most Westerners have been blessed with a  good education system. It is an incorrect assumption to believe that the people of North East India are less intelligent, however, the quality of education is unlikely to revival Western cultures. For that reason, Western leaders can be very effective when communicating gospel principles. We can always increase our abilty, but in this instance it is our availability that is more important. Come, join us and preach and teach.



The Application Process:


- Pastoral letter of reference and recommendation for suitability as a mission team member.

- Personal Testimony details (no more than 500 words).

- Summary letter of personal ministry and other experience that could be useful as a mission team member.

- Initial Interview.

- Letter of preferred areas of ministry. How would you like to serve as a team member?

- Capture and Release ministries will provide the team member with a letter of ministry expectations after interview.

- Completion of Application form.

- Non-refundable deposit payment of $500 due 1st February.

- Balance of $2,500 due 28th February.



Areas of Team Member Participation:


It is really unlimited and subject to the gifting of team members. It is an excellent opportunity for acquiring teaching and preaching experience. Tradesmen can apply their skills where needed. Teachers have schools available to them. Drama teams can be used everywhere. Participate in seminars for pastors and church members. Pray and see God heal the sick.


Why not take the book of Acts and apply it as part of our team ministry? Even if you have had very little experience in ministry we seek to give you an experience that will develop your confidence and ability.





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