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Once again, please note these are from Minthang and the grammar and spelling has not been changed.




"Hi Colin.


Greetings from your family and church members here in Imphal, Manipur.


It is with joy we are writing this updates from the successful ministry that was done on the 6th, & 7th, of May, at Lourembam in the East district of Manipur in a very remote area, where there is no Christianity.


As I have said, I was invited by very few Christian thinking that they were the locality of Lourembam, but (The people who invited me) there were not exactly from Lourembam they were a bit distance from Lourembam, however they were very close to the village.


A friend of mine took me there by his car we arrived the place exactly at 2,30 P.M. in the afternoon. Soon after our arrival my friend who took me there by his car immediately left me with very few Christian who invited me, as he have a very important works back in Imphal.


On my arrival I sat and discussed with the very few Christian about 5 people regarding the type of ministry that we are going to do, and as to how we can reach the whole area and the people with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the very wise precaution we need to take as the place is very strong Hindu dominated area and we are sure for any kind of opposition from the people.


However, our discussion was very short as we can’t wait the time to immediately start preaching, teaching and presenting the gospel of our Lord to them. We started with singing some gospel songs, at the local small soccer ground in an open air. While we were singing songs, some people came, than we keep singing after an hour of singing some songs many people just stormed in, and I started preaching. Our approximate calculation of the people that came to listened the word of God was around 350. It might not be the exact number as it was in an open soccer ground and we could not calculated it in a very detailed, it may be a bit less than 350 people or might be a bit more than that.


After I preached for hour I than make an alter call, it was a bit late in the evening and there was thunder and storm, it was likely to be rain soon, therefore I make an immediate alter call, and on that evening about 20 people came up and received Jesus Christ as their Lord. As I already said, since I did not have any vehicle to returned back on that day, I need to stay for the night. So with the local people and those who newly accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord, we thought of having another meeting in one of the house at night. Than one man by the name Mr, Rajen who newly received Jesus Christ during my preaching, told us that he would provide the room for the night meeting and he also provide a room in his house for me to stay the night. Therefore we announced to the people that we will be continuing the program at night in that man’s house informed the people the location of his house and told them that at 7, P.M. we will all be there for the service. So we all joyfully went to his house for the night service, hoping and targeting to get more souls for God. However, to our great surprised things turned up to be very bad, instead of having good service and good people to listened the word of God, we have had an unwanted guest, strong group of people, very aggressive a strong opposition of the gospel. These people, send out every one who came to listened the word of God and even threatened them with a very deadly words. They even threatened me to go back to Imphal immediately on that night, no matter I have a car or not. Because during our daytime service, the word of people being born again and there was a great out pouring of the Holy Spirit during our service and that people were very receptive with the word of God was spreading like a wild fire, and these people came to us to beat and tortured us. However, I talked with them and told them with a smiling and with a great diplomacy. Than they step back, but still very aggressive. I told them that I have no car to go home now, if you want to beat and killed me because I did not go home tonight than you are welcome to do anything to me. Than one of the leader asked me, tomorrow what time can I leave the place, I said, I don’t know you are the local people here, and you know when the bus will go to Imphal. As soon as the bus leaved than, I will leave. Than one of the man told me that the bus will leave only in the afternoon, and I said than I will leave in the afternoon, but they told me we want you to leave tomorrow as early as possible, I said in that case you provide me a car to leave than I will even leave tonight. When I said this they were very angry, they told me it is your problem, why did you asked us to give you a car for you to go home, did we invite you? I said certainly not, you did not invite me, but you know I have no car to go home and you all insisted me to leave this place, how can I leave without a car? Than they had a great arguments amongst themselves and at the end they told me O.K tomorrow when the bus leave in the afternoon we want to see you leaving immediately. I said O.K, than they were with us, fearing that we will continue to preach.


However, taking the advantages of being them with us, I started sharing the gospel to them directly. At the beginning they were so angry and did not want to listened, but could not leave me either as they fear if they leave me than I will preach again to others. So they reluctantly listened to my preaching,,,, Now watch,,,, the Sovereign God move their hard hearts, and gradually they calm down and one after another, I saw tears flowing out from their eyes, and out of 25 people 8 strong leaders were melted, as they could not resist the outpouring and strong current waved of the Holy Spirit. However, they were a bit reluctant to fully confessed in front of their friends. They said let us go home, and make every one to leave us. In an hours time, these 8 people came late at night to where I was staying and knock the door and when we open the door, those 8 strong opposition leaders stood in front of the doors with tears rolling our from their eyes, they said can we come in sir?  I said oh yes certainly you are all most welcome. Than they told me that they were so touched by my teaching and that they already received Jesus Christ while I was preaching, but could not openly confessed in front of their friends, now they came to confess and wanting to know more about Jesus. So we all joyfully spent a very good sleepless night sharing the free gifts of Salvation by Christ. These people left me at 2,30,a.m in the morning and encouraged me to organized another open air preaching tomorrow before the bus take me to Imphal. So they suggested some other place we did changed the location of our preaching the next day which is on Wednesday the 7th, May.


It was in front of the small private school, with a smaller soccer ground, however there we again approximately have the same size of the people came to hear the word of God. These time I make an alter call and about 29 people came with tears of joy receiving Jesus Christ as their Lord. Remember the other 28 people who received yesterday, now the numbers goes up to 28+29=57, I prayed over them and they were all slain in the spirit, many have started speaking in tongues for the first time in their lives. It is amazing, I cannot say anything except it is really an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and God did His Sovereign plan in the lives of all these people. We are nothing, we cannot do anything, we are just a small person in God’s hand. But when we joined our hands together for His kingdom work, He use us beyond our expectation.


Colin, this is all happening because of your kind and generous help and support. Unless you are with us in the ministry, this things will not happened, we cannot do anything by ourselves it is only through your help and support we can together won souls for Christ.

But my brother, there is more works awaiting for us.


Colin, as I said there is a man who heard your preaching at Khangabok last year, this man had initiated all these program. God bless you my dear brother.


Wait, we will get more testimonies from Lourembam, I am so sure and exciting to get more news, good and living testimonies from our friends in lourembam. It is now a heavy rain here in Imphal. You see we again already reached about 700 people in just two days with the word of God.


Please see the possibilities of raising that $,6000,AUD for repairing of our car immediately. Very sorry my brother for uploading this burden, but please understand my poor condition. As I always said without you, I have no one to go for my need.


May the good Lord continue to bless in all your services.


Looking forward to hearing from you very soon and to see you again in His perfect timing.


Your missionary brother

Minthang Suantak."


Report 7

30th May, 2014


"Hi Colin,


Greetings from your family and church members here in Imphal, Manipur. Colin, it is now 10,58, at midnight and I just arrived home from a ministry fields. So tiring and exhausted, therefore could not give you the detail progress report of our ministry. Because everyday I arrived home very late at night from the soul harvesting fields, as we do not have our own ministry car and mostly depend on public transportation, occasionally we have a friend who could take us to our mission fields by their own car, but not every time we need. Depending on public transportation in the ministry we always encountered untold hardship.


Last Saturday our ministry at Chandrakhong was so successful, as many people were slain in the Holy Spirit. We had about 230 people for the service all from a non-Christian background but very keen to listened the word of God. I did preached about salvation and the work of the Holy Spirit in a believers live. Since they were all from a non-Christian background, I seriously preached about the need of Salvation to all mankind, and the redemption of Christ. They were all very much attentive to what I was preaching.


At the end of my preaching, I made an alter call and about 98 people came up to the stage and kneeling down in front of God, and they all prayed a salvation and confession prayers to God with tears of joy from their very eyes. It was so wonderful to see those many people who have not heard about Christ and His salvation for so many years, but now as soon as they heard they confessed their sins and received Jesus Christ as their only Lord and Master.  When I laid my hands and prayed for the empowerment and anointing of the Holy Spirit, they were all slain in the Spirit and to my great surprised and to the surprised of all those few hundreds of witnesses they were baptized in the Holy Spirit as a sign of that they were all started speaking in tongues. It was so wonderful and so exciting it was even beyond my expectation. But our God is a miracle working God.


Colin, our ministry is progressing all our workers were scattered far and near daily for hunting the lost souls and for making a true disciples of Christ. Colin, today we went to different places in Imphal city, including hospitals, preaching, teaching and praying for people and comforting people in the hospital who were on their dying beds without hope, praying for the comfort of the Holy Spirit. Since we do not have a car we hire an auto Rickshaw, but mostly we did walked several kilometers.


Therefore, we were all tired and exhausted physically, but when we see the fruit of our labor we were again re-charged and could joyfully continue our ministry, even if it took us several kilometers to walked for promoting and heralding the gospel of our Lord, we did that joyfully."


Report 8

Received 25th June, 2014


"Hi Dear brother Colin.

Greetings from your family and church members here in Imphal, Manipur. It is with joy I am writing this ministry report, after a few days of suffering from fever and malaria. As I told you in my earlier email, I got fever and malaria from the Myanmar border at S. Phaiza village during our four days seminar with Thangkhal Baptist Church. But now by God’s grace I am feeling a lot better, however I am not fully recovered from my sickness. But I strongly felt important to give you our ministry updates, no matter what the circumstances enveloped me, therefore I am writing this report for your kind information about our ministry, your kind information about our ministry, still having a small physical sickness. As I told you on the phone this morning, that I still have a bit of fever. Colin, thank you so much for your telephonic conversation this morning, which is really a great encouragement for us in the ministry.


On the 11th, June, early in the morning we left our home for Myanmar border for seminar organized by Thangkhal Baptist Church, a friend of mine lend me his car for our transportation to the venue of the seminar. We arrived in the evening. Soon after our arrival we had some tea and than exactly at 7 P.M. at night we began our seminar, but being the first night it was like a crusade type of preaching I did. On the first night we had around 890 people listening the word of God that I preached, and that same night about 32 people got saved.

The next day on the 12th,June, which is on Thursday, we had a morning devotion at 6.A.M. in the morning I preached a short sermon and we all prayed together, for the morning devotion we had about  900 people attended. The devotion was ended at 7A.M. than we had our breakfast between 7,A.M. to 8,A.M. at 9,30,A.M. we begun our first session of the seminar with distributing seminar papers which I had written. The first session was from 9,30 till 11,30,A.M. with a questioned hours.
Than we had a lunch break from 11,30,A.M. till 12,30,noon. The second session of our seminar started at 1,P.M. till 2,30,P.M. in the afternoon. We had 30 minutes afternoon tea break from 2,30, till 3,P.M. in the afternoon. The third session of our seminar started again at 3,P.M. till 4,30,P.M. in the afternoon. Between 4,30,P.M. and 5,30,P.M. was for relaxing or washing and bathing time. Exactly at 6, P.M. in the evening we had dinner, and the regular church worship service which is a type of crusade begins at 7,P.M. Sharp, every night as our important regular schedules, and it goes on till 8,30 to 9,30, at night depends on my preaching, and the responses from the audience and the work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the audience. This is how our four full days of seminar in a nutshell.


During our full four days seminar, we appointed 35  youths  to be an ushers/volunteers, looking after the affairs of the seminar, ushering the people who came from different villages. And to make our daily regular program much affective and meaningful. Serving people with great hospitality as people came from different villages and denomination.


On the second day which is the 12th, June, from the first session of our seminar, we had about 1300, people, this number goes ups and down, it sometimes more and sometime a little less but the average is 1300, people listening the gospel during our full four days seminar. On the night of 12th, June during worship service, I made an alter call and about 57 people came up to give their life for Christ they made a good and strong confession that they received Jesus Christ as their Lord, and they will be a true disciples for Christ.


On the 13th, June during our day time seminar, while we were having discussion and a bit of counseling about 47 people received Jesus Christ as their Lord. On the 13th June, during our night regular worship service, while I was preaching and emphasized on the baptism in the Holy Spirit, and while I was praying, about 370 people were slain in the spirit and the whole congregation of 1300 people were being amazed to what was happening in the lives of so many hundreds of people. It was for the first time happening in their church about the work of the Holy spirit, for them it was their first hand experienced and impression. The 370 people who were slain in the spirit also spoke in tongues, which made the rest of the thousand of people more reflecting and got more attention to what was happening. These numbers 370 peoples were recorded by the Ushers/Volunteers, Many of the hundreds and thousand of people were so amazed and impressed to see the work of the Holy Spirit in the believers lives. It is a kind of great miracles and signs and wonders for them from God,

since they had not seen these before in their churches. It was a bit like the day of Pentecost during the time of the Apostles. I was thinking and remembering you thinking what a joy it will be for my brother Colin, to see this great outpouring of the Holy Spirit into the lives of the believers
which my brother Colin, always give a great emphasized in every part of his teaching. Colin, you are my big brother and great mentor. I am very proud of you my brother.

On that particular night of the 13th, June, all those 370 people who were baptized in the Holy Spirit and were spoke in tongues, did prayed for people, and many more were baptized in the Holy Spirit, and about 29 people got healed from different sickness when we prayed for them. The miracles of God and joy of shouting was so loud inside the church. Hundreds and thousand of people shed tears of joy, and shouting of Halleluija was heard even from a long distances. As a result the whole villagers, who were not attending the church kept running towards the church, when they heard a great joy of shouting, and as they arrived the church vicinity they were all touched and amazed by the miracles of God, and many more people joined the praying and worshiping of God, with those who were slain in the spirit and were spoke in tongues.

Seeing this many more people who came to witness, what was happening in the church joined and they even did received Jesus Christ as their Lord, and the number of people being born again was added more to another 21 people. And these 21 people did baptized in the Holy Spirit and they were spoken in tongues for the first time in their lives, which means altogether 391 people were baptized in the Holy spirit on that particular night.

Than the next day on the 14th, June, morning as our daily morning regular devotion, at 6,A.M. I preached from Psalm 77:1-4, and Psalm 71:1-5; Psalm 71:20, in this Psalm, David said,  “ Though you have made me see troubles, many and bitter, you will restore my life again, from the depths of the

earth you will again bring me up.” Sharing a bit about my personal life, and bitter testimony that I had gone through, related with this Psalms, while sharing a bit of my personal and bitter testimony, hundreds of people broke out with tears, and we were all immediately kneeling down to our knees humbling before God and prayed together. At this time again, there was an out pouring of the Holy Spirit to those hundreds and thousand of people. It was a great time of spiritual revival for every one of us. Again hundreds of people shed tears of joy, and about 57 people re-dedicated their life to God, and about 43 people newly received Jesus Christ as their Lord. Than, we joyfully break up for morning breakfast.


As per our regular schedules at 9,30,A.M. we begun our first session again, teaching and lecturing from the perspective of my seminar paper. We also had questioned hours for people who would like to asked questions in relation to my paper and teaching. At the end of every session we had worship service in order to encouraged and build their spiritual life, this time another 17 people newly received Jesus Christ as their Lord, and  79 people re-dedicated their life in Christ. So we were having another small spiritual awakening time again. It is so wonderful and refreshing spiritually and mentally to be always found in the presence of God. It will be too long to give every details of the seminar report, so let me put in a nutshell. The seminar was ended on the 14th, Night. On the 15th,June, early in the morning we said good bye to everyone and left the village towards Imphal my home.

According to the detail calculation and report received from the Ushers/Volunteers, during the full four days of our seminar. Here I will give you the numbers of people participant, saved, Re-dedicated, Baptized in the Holy Spirit, slain in the Holy Spirit and healed from their sickness by God through our prayers.

1.            Total numbers of participant approximately.                       1300
2.            Total numbers of newly saved people.                                   217
3.            Total numbers of Baptism in the Holy Spirit.                         391
4.            Total  numbers of Re-dedicated.                                             136
5.            Total numbers of people healed from sickness.                      29      

My brother Colin, you, your family and your friends were very much a part of this Harvesting of souls. Because it is only through your generous financial support and prayers, we got the job done. It is very sure that without your generous financial support and kind prayer support, we will never get these lost souls. Therefore, you, your family and your good friends, were the most important person in saving these lost souls. Because, we know for sure that, it is only because of your great financial


support we can do so much for God’s Kingdom. As I always said that, you are the real backbone of our ongoing ministry. I told the Secretary/ Director, of Thangkhal Baptist Church to appoint some of his pastors to go and do the follow up program to those newly converted, and people baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Colin, it is now 7,55,P.M. here in Imphal. If you get this report kindly acknowledge it, because sometime my computer is not good enough and have some technical problem. As I wanted to know that you got this report.

Looking forward to hearing from you very soon, and to see you again in His perfect timing. May the good Lord continue to bless you always is our earnest prayers for you. Kindly give our love and best regards to your lovely wife." (Minthang)


REPORT 9/ 29TH JULY, 2014


Hi Colin

Greetings from your family and church members here in Imphal, Manipur. Thanks for your kind email, we got it.

Colin, here is our ministry progress report this week. It is only because of your great financial contribution we can do so much for His kingdom. We thank you for your kind teaching method, and new technique which you taught us, in making disciple of Christ and to teach people the difference between receiving the Holy Spirit and the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. We always train our workers in the method and apply it in our ministry.




This morning brother Raghumani came to me and told me over the last three days he was in Nambol doing ministry among the non-believers. According to our brother Raghumani, the people were so aggressive when they knew that he had gone there to preach the gospel. Being a very strong and anti-Christian dominated area, they opposed him to their level best in not to giving him the chance to witness to the people. However, our brother Raghumani wisely applied some very easy and good methods to be able to mingle and friendly associated with people, as we always trained our pastor, missionaries, workers and evangelists, how to actively and wisely associating with people in the areas where people oppose the gospel. As a result of our regular training and seminar to our workers, now by God’s grace almost all our workers apply this new method and technique as to how to approach new people in new areas.

As a matter of fact, even in the midst of much opposition, and by God’s transforming power, our brother Raghumani was able to change the life of 14 persons who accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord, took water baptism and now became a true Disciples of Christ. He requested us to go and encourage these new Disciples of Christ in their daily walk with God. We are planning to go there immediately tomorrow, to see our 14 new beloved brethren in Christ and encourage them. According to our brother Raghumani these 14 people were slain and baptised in the Holy Spirit. Yesterday, Sunday with some of our team, we went to Pangei to help our brother Meghajit, who is stationed there for the last two days in his outreach ministry. Soon after our arrival at Pangei, our brother Meghajit and his friend came to meet us, and they led us directly to where they were preaching and counseling. About 54 people were gathered in a house belonging to Meghajit’s close friend. They did counseling to these 54 people, who were still stubborn to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord. They requested me to continue the counseling and preaching, which I did it for about 2 hours. While I preached and did counseling to these 54 people, I asked the team to be in one of the room and constantly pray for until they received Jesus Christ as their Lord, which they did. And at the end of the day, all these 54 people gladly and joyfully accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord, and every one of them set tears of joy after knowing their blessed Saviour. The small room was filled with spiritual atmosphere, and we all shouting with joy, and praising God for His love and deliverance. As these 54 people gladly accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord, they didn’t want us to leave them and they cordially requested us to stay and have fellowship. We did and had dinner with them. As we taught them the importance to be baptized in the Holy Spirit, and as we were praying for the baptism in the Holy Spirit, all of a sudden they were all crying shouting with joy and started speaking in tongues, and they were all slain in the Spirit. I was laughing with joy and saying to myself, how joyful it will be if brother Colin to see these things himself? Later in the night at 10:00 P.M. we had dinner with them which they joyfully prepared for us, and soon after having our meal we left them. But we will be going to them again this week, as soon as we have time. We assigned our brother Meghajit to be with them this week to train and encourage them in their daily spiritual walk with God. Colin, it is only because of your kind and generous financial support and initiative we can do so much for His kingdom ministry. Colin, regarding the tree plantation project in three villages which falls under Vaiphei Christian Church. As I told you that I have written application to Forestry Department of our state Government, the state government did only gave us very little numbers of tree nursery. With additional to what our government has given, I bought it about extra three thousand teak nurseries and gave one thousand teak each to three villages. The government did gave us about 900, different kinds of tree nurseries which we planted. Now we planted 3900, trees in three different villages, as our tree plantation projects. Out of these 3900, different varieties of trees, we have about 300 lemon trees. Pray that these 3900 trees, will bring a great development in  our ministry and will generate great financial income for our ministry in the future. Please, pray and seriously consider the developmental loan we were talking about. Unless we put things practically, we will never achieve by only saying. As I said, No plan is worth the paper it is printed on unless it starts you doing something.


Now I have written again to our state government forestry department to issue more tree seedlings to us free of cost or at least at subsidized rate, not only to benefit our church but for the development for the State as well never notice what has been done, I only see what remains to be done.

Colin, our social forestry project is a long term policy. But it is for a long term policy not less than 10 years from now. As you know we have highly viable shorter term projects for which we ask you to obtain a developmental loan.

May the good Lord continue to bless you always is our earnest prayers for you. We never let the sun go down a single day without praying for you.


Looking forward to hearing from you very soon, and to see you again in His perfect timing.  Bless you my brother,

Your missionary brother,


Minthang Suantak




Hi Colin

Greetings from your family and church members here in Imphal, Manipur.

It is with joy we are writing this progress report of our ministry for your kind information.

As per my earlier email, we will be having an important missionary tour to many places in Manipur and Myanmar from the 8th, October till the 14th, October in reaching people with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Motto or Theme is “Reaching out the gospel to all the different communities.” People are anxiously looking for answer about their life full of troubles and absolute tragedy. We encountered many great challenges in reaching different tribal people in the most interior areas.

The team comprised of 9 people including Khaiboi and my eldest daughter Annie. We left Imphal on the 8th, Oct, in the afternoon towards the Myanmar border. It was a good experience for my daughter Annie to be part with the team. It was her first missionary trip to other tribes in Manipur and in Myanmar. On our return journey from Myanmar we were delayed in Moreh which is the border town of Myanmar as there was a curfew. However, I was able to talk with the concerned authority and we were given a special permit to proceed on, but they did not allow others to move forward, therefore many hundreds of vehicles were stranded unable to move. See there again, we got God on our side helping us in every area of our ministry.

From Moreh we started early in the morning and arrived Imphal at 11:30 A.M. We had a very short time to refresh ourselves from the long trip; had a little lunch and proceeded towards the south east of Manipur and Mizoram border. We arrived at Phaiza village and there we preached at 7:30 P.M. until 9:30 P.M. At night the villagers gave us late dinner. We started from Phaiza towards Behiang which is in the Myanmar border and arrived in Behiang at 12:30 at night. We preached at Behiang village on the next day and from there went to another village in Myanmar in the East of Manipur. On the 14th, October early in the morning from Myanmar we went to Singat village and from Singat village to Imphal, we arrived home late in the afternoon.

During this one full week of our great missionary trip to many areas in Manipur and Myanmar, we were able to visit altogether 12 villages and preach to about 2,300 people. Out of these 2300 people we reached, approximately 320 people received Jesus Christ as their Lord. The majority of the people who newly accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord are from Myanmar and from a Buddhist background and it was the very first time they had ever heard the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. We praise God for all those who received Christ as their Lord. For all these new believers, we prayed for them to receive the Holy Spirit, and we laid our hands on them and when we prayed for them, they were all slain in the spirit and started speaking in tongues.

We started a new fellowship center in three different villages in Myanmar for all these new believers to worship together. They will become strong disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ and in the future they will make more disciples for Christ.

Colin, we keep praying for you as you will be having a meeting with Discover Church tomorrow regarding our developmental loan.

May the good Lord continue to bless you is our earnest prayer for you always.

Looking forward to hearing from you very soon and to see you again in His perfect timing. Bless you my brother,


Your Missionary brother,

Minthang Suantak






On the evening of 6th, December, we went to Leimakhong and preached to the students of Keystone School. It was so encouraging for the students and the staff, and we also prayed for the students as they prepared for their final examination. In this school my son is studying, so it was so good for us to have ministry with the students.

Soon after our preaching and praying for the Students and staff of the school, we went down to one small Hindu Nepali village that Kiran invited to hear the word. About five families comprising 25 people came for the meeting. They were all from a Hindu background. It was very cool as we had the meeting outside the house in the open air. But we lit a camp fire, and made the people to sit in circle around the fire as it was so cool. We started our meeting at 7:30 P.M. at night. I preached a simple message for about 35 minutes. I told them that if they want everlasting life, everlasting joy and everlasting peace, then Jesus Christ is the only Saviour of the World, the only Redeemer, and the one and only way to lead us into an everlasting life, immediately about 5 young people gave their lives to Christ, even before I had the opportunity to make an altar call. Then we all prayed together singing songs of joy and while we were all singing and praying these five young people were slain in the spirit and all started speaking in tongues. At this point another 5 person were added and all together 10 people received Jesus Christ as their Lord. Then soon after our preaching we left the place, but Kiran and one evangelist were with them talking more about the Bible and Christianity. Kiran told me that he continued teaching them the gospel till late at night.

On Sunday the 7th December, we went to S.Kawtlian church for a regular Sunday worship service. On that day I called Mr. Hegin to come to S.Kawtlian as well. It was like the day of Pentecost which took place in the Bible in the book of Acts, 2.  When we were worshipping suddenly all the people (men women and children) were slain in the Spirit and there was a sound like the blowing of wind. And at that stage all the people were slain in the Spirit and started talking in tongues (men, women and children). We praise the Lord. The meeting lasted for three hours, but we felt like it was only few minutes of worshiping as everyone enjoyed the meeting. It is now a vibrant church.

On Monday the 8th, December, we went back to Leimakhong as Kiran arranged a meeting in one of the Nepali inhabited villages. We started the meeting at 7:00 P.M. at night, but people kept coming after that. I preached for about 35 minutes about 25 people were listening to the preaching. Then we had a worship time, sing songs making music, then we all prayed and suddenly 5 elderly men gave their life to Christ for the first time in their life. Then I continued my preaching and another 7 people received Jesus Christ as their Lord. WOW what a wonderful time we had. Then I started the worship and we sing songs then all of sudden people were slain in the spirit and all those who accepted Jesus Christ for the first time in their life, spoke in tongues. Thlunga the Professor was much surprised to see what was happening. He then came to me and slowly whispering in my ears, said, “Do you remember what Colin was telling us many times, that he came to Manipur to be an ice-breaker. Now it really came into being, I keep remembering what Colin used to say and now I have seen it with my own eyes.


On the Tuesday the 9th, December, we went to S.Geltui village which is situated in the southern district of Manipur close to Myanmar border in the east. We arrived at the village late in the evening as it is pretty far from Imphal. We arrived at 8 P.M. but the villagers were so happy to welcome us even though we were so late. Soon after we arrived at the village we were taken directly to the church and to our great surprise, there were hundreds of people in the fully packed building in very cool winter. I immediately started the preaching and about 59 people newly accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and hundreds of people were renewed spiritually. It was a great night with the church. After the church the villagers arranged a big dinner for us and we had a late dinner at 9:30 at night. I arrived home at 1:48 a.m. in the morning as it was a long drive home.

On the 11th December, we went again to S. Phaiza village which is nearly 100, K.M from Imphal in a rusty, dusty potholed road. It was another spiritual awakening of the people in the church. As it was happening in other places, here at S.Phaiza village too all the hundreds of people were slain in the spirit and about 75 people were continuously speaking in tongues for nearly 2 hours. The work of the Holy Spirit was so powerful, when we prayed for the sick people God constantly healed 10 people from different sicknesses at S.Phaiza village. After the service we again had our late dinner and arrived back home at 11:55 PM at midnight.  The next day we went to Phowaibi village and there again we experienced the work of the Holy Spirit.

Brother Colin, we cannot but thank you so much for being an ice-breaker into our nation people and country. You are a real history maker, with your wise and spiritual advice our ministry is growing and progressing.

Yesterday the 14th December, Kiran and Pastor Balu Deka invited several Nepalese at Mantripukhri, policeman Lian was with us. I preached to about 25 people and while I made an altar call 5 youths came to the Lord, and we did worship service, sang songs and made music then the five persons were slain in the spirit and started speaking in tongues. Because of those five people, who were slain in Spirit another 10 people were slain in the spirit and became born again Spirit filled people.

The meeting kept going till late in the evening. At 4 P.M. we had another fellowship at sister Durga’s house where we had several people again. During this meeting about 15 people received Jesus Christ as their Lord. It was a really great time we had in the Lord. Colin, we thank God for all His love and mercy. It is He who convinces and converted people’s heart into the saving grace of Christ. We are just only an instrument in His hands.

Bless you my brother, I was thinking when we experience the move of the Holy Spirit to the lives of these many people, and the churches become vibrant churches, I was speaking to myself, how wonderful it will be if my beloved Brother Colin could see these things taking place in the churches. He will be joyfully jumping and dancing before the Lord he loves and serves wholeheartedly.


Colin, we really love you and you have our love and prayers.

Bless you my brother.

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