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A diverse team of 10 people is sought for an outreach over 10 day’s ministry to this island people. It takes about ¾ hr by boat to reach the island from the mainland. Thanga Karang Island has 300-400 houses and a population of approximately 1,500 people. It is approximately 50 km from the city of Imphal, the Capital City of Manipur Nth East India. If you would like to be a team member please contact us at our email address and we will contact you.

Pic 1 Motorised boat used to reach Island

Pic 2 Only Christian family on Island

Pic 3 Some typical houses

Pic 4 Deaf and dumb boy healed

Pic 5 Docking on Island

Pic 6 Megajidht our worker

Pic 7 Fishing Boat

Pic 8 Fearless leader

Pic 9 Shot showing Island

Please click on a picture for enlargement and slide show.

In March 2017 we completed our first outreach on this Island. As I preached in a house to around 25 people, an old Hindu woman was praying to her Hindu god. At the end of my preaching I prayed for the people many being slain in the Holy Spirit. The boy in picture 4 was deaf and dumb and immediately heard and spoke. The old sick Hindu woman allowed me to pray for her and when I anointed her with oil in Jesus name her whole body jerked and trembled as she was healed. Included in those who heard me preach was a chief man of the Island who was overawed by what had happened and wants us to return and preach over the Island. I desperately need workers for the next outreach.

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