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Mission trip to Imphal the capital city of Manipur in North East India

12th April, 2012 – 11th May, 2012

(Colin Lambert)


This is A Summary of the types of unusual things God did on this ministry trip:


  1. Four different people testified that they felt the hand of God physically touch them:

  • Two people felt the hand of God moving inside their intestines and clear blockages. On each occasion I said “in the name of Jesus” and pointed to the afflicted area and they felt the hand of God inside them rearranging their intestines. Both the man and the woman kept trying to grab my hand as I prayed. The woman felt no pain, but the man said it was very uncomfortable. On each of these occasions they went out and passed revolting black stuff that had been blocking the bowel. These miracles affirmed the power of the Name of Jesus Christ.

  • Minthang’s wife had bad diarrhea and when I prayed for her she also went to grab my hand when I said “in the name of Jesus” and pointed to the area she was healed instantly. She said that I poked her in the stomach but actually I hadn’t even touched her. She also went to grab my hand.


2.  Minthang’s sister had a form of throat cancer. She hadn’t slept for three days. I asked her to lie down     and started praying for her. She instantly fell asleep and I put two fingers on the affected area of her throat. I prayed for her for about ten minutes the longest I’d prayed for any one on the trip, as that is the way I felt led. When I finished, she remained asleep and we left. When she woke up all pain was gone and she was totally healed.


  1. I prayed at a church which included a significant number of handicapped/mentally disabled people. There was a down-syndrome boy that pointed to his stomach. I prayed for him and I could see that God had instantly healed him due to the expression on his face. He went home and told his father and I don’t know how, or from what, but the father was healed of something also. The pastor of the church phoned Minthang late at night informing him of what had happened.

  • Two women in a Baptist church: The first woman wanted me to pray for her son who had a skin disease to be healed and also for salvation. Both happened and the son can’t wait to go to church.

  • The second woman had a husband who was an alcoholic with an ulcer and was unsaved. When the woman went home the husband kept pressing her as to what had happened in church. When she told him he told her about an amazing joy that came upon him and which had taken away his desire for drinking. When the woman told the man about the prayer he understood, gave his life to Christ is testifying of what God has done in his life and attends the church.

  • Note: I didn’t even meet the men that were saved and healed.

  1. At Minthang’s father’s village church all the people testified of God having healed them. First the women came for prayer and then the men. I could visibly see God heal one woman who was clearly in pain in her shoulder and side. The pain instantly lifted and as the woman was going back to her seat she kept exclaiming that she was healed. That day I baptized seven people including Minthang’s four children (one of the greatest privileges I have ever had), but the amazing thing was that one of the men that I prayed for that had paralysis in his side was healed walking on the way to the baptism. He said he felt a hand stretching his veins. Also a man, who had ridden his bike a long distance from his village to attend the service, gave his heart to Christ and decided to be baptized. He testified that in the waters of baptism God had healed him from a number of complaints.


  1. At an AOG church a woman was instantly slain in the Spirit and flopped in a chair. She gave an amazing testimony that she was caught up into heaven and saw me with my hands out praying. I was in a white robe and Jesus was also in a white robe that filled the temple and He was smiling at me. She said she returned and was able to see her body in the chair and when she awoke she was totally healed. In some ways it seems like the experience that the apostle Paul spoke about.


  1. At the first church I went to an illiterate woman who is a vegetable seller came for prayer and was instantly healed. As she was going back to her seat I said to her Jesus has healed you now go and pray for people and do the same. She did so and many people have been instantly healed. Some men that she prayed for asked her where she got this knowledge her being a simple vegetable vendor. She said “a man called Colin from Australia prayed for me, I got healed and he told me to pray for others. I did and it works, that is all the training that I have.” This woman asked the pastor of the church why he had never told them that Jesus heals. He couldn’t answer a single word. She then said do you mean to tell me if Colin hadn’t come from Australia we would always have to be sick? The report back is that the church is a stir with new people as a result of the woman praying for the sick.


  1. My eyes are weeping with the pollution and muck and a woman brings a child forward for prayer with what looks like the same problem that I have. By the time she takes the child home, the child is totally healed. She calls her pastor to say that Jesus is her Lord forever. Before that she had a threadbare faith. The child was healed, but I wasn’t. Minthang’s wife looked after me with eye drops that I had bought and kept the problem at bay. By the time I had left I was pretty well completely healed.


  1. After my preaching I always asked people to make a commitment to Christ. We would pray to make Jesus Savior and Lord of our lives. At one church they tell us that they had a prayer meeting that night after I attended the church. It went all night and person after person testified about being healed. However, three people had the amazing testimony that they received immediate healing after saying the prayer of commitment. One person testified that it felt like someone had put warm ointment on their back. This speaks of the name of Jesus being as ointment poured forth.


  1. I was actually asked to preach for ten minutes in a Hindu temple as people sat down to receive a small pension. This was in itself an amazing miracle as I wasn’t killed.


  1. I preached in a church that was about half filled with Hindu people. One woman said at the end of the service that she would have brought her family and friends if she had known that this sort of teaching was taking place. I wish I had more time and another day.


  1. I took a stack of clothes that had been given to me by Keith Greenwood of COM. As I was having lunch a man came to me and said he had an unusual vision. He saw me handing out white clothes as people were being born again. I believe God was affirming in a spiritual way what was taking place in the physical. The man had no idea about the stack of clothes that I had given. Word of knowledge combined with prophecy as well. This was pretty amazing.


  1. After praying for Minthang’s sister we were stopped at a village as a Hindu procession was taking place. It was rather pretty. They had a stack of beautiful girls on horses in traditional dress parading in front of some men carrying a stretcher on their shoulders with a picture of some sort of Hindu trinity. As this passed by our car they were pushed to the side for no apparent reason and nearly dropped everything. Another sign and wonder I suspect.


  1. At the first baptism I baptized two girls. As I prayed for one on the river bank, she kept on stepping back away from me due to what appeared to be in response to the presence of God. She finally had to sit on the car hood. Perhaps she was filled with the Holy Spirit also.


  1. Many, many people were healed and have been coming to the Diplomatic Centre and giving their testimony at all times of the day.


  1. The young woman who grabbed my ankles at the handicapped church. EXPAND


  1. The man who had never committed a sin. EXPAND           


  1. At a Christian drug rehab centre I testified to the students about my own addiction (not drugs) and sin. I asked them about how much they thought they were worth personally. Two of them said they were good for nothing. Another said he was a recorded musician and thought he was worth something. I described to them that even if they were the only one on earth, God sent His Son to die for their sins and therefore they were worth a Jesus. The most valuable thing in heaven was given for them and so they are worth a Jesus. This really ministered to them and to their self-esteem. I shared with them the many times and triggers that affected my own addiction. I also said to them that God cannot love them any more than He already does, even if from time to time they backslide. God always takes two steps towards them even if they take one step away from him. The heart of the Father is always to run to them even if they have been playing with the pigs. I told them it isn’t a good idea to keep playing with the pigs. In the prayer time I gave each one a hug. The tears flowed and they had a long prayer meeting after I left where they wept for themselves and for me.


It was a testing time for me personally as I struggled with whether or not to share my own struggles with addiction Minthang had been so open with me about his divorce, humiliation and pain. There was also the possibility of losing face with the other two pastors who travelled and supported me during the ministry trip. When sharing your own sinful faults it is necessary to lay down your pride. In the back of my mind I didn’t want to restrict the flow of the Holy Spirit for the remaining ministry trip and I felt that if I didn’t share my struggles at this point I could have grieved the Holy Spirit. I also thought it important to show that God can still use someone who had been playing with the pigs himself to give hope to those who also really needed it.


Many thanks for reading,


Colin Lambert

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