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This is a report by the VCC missions director unedited.

Dear Beloved

Bro. Colin Lambert  

"Greeting you in the precious Name of Our Loving God.  

I hope you arrived home safe and sound as we do prayed for you without ceasing This is a report which I could make as in detail. Please adjust and modify as you wish, I am giving in detail just to remind and recall the place where we visit.  

A Brief Report to

Bros.Colin Lambert & Rev.M.Suantak


Assam  India  

                Day 1     11th Nov,08 (Tuesday)

This is the we Darranga in Bhutan border Assam States in India.

Right after our lunch – having a few time to rest we move out to the remote village of Sisubari, there people had gathered an still watch us to received warmly, and the programme begin around 3:00pm in the evening Bro. Colin take his time with childrens before getting into his main preaching, they were extremely excited and interested in every items he suggested. They were above 100 – 150 only. After Colin has preached and pray for the sick 20 peoples claim that they were healed from their sickness and another 5 youth devoted their life for working into the Ministry of Jesus Christ. Thereafter, we heard that the five youths were steping out and went to preach the Gospel of Jesus to the unbeliever(s).Praise God.                

                Day 2     12th Nov,08 (Wednesday)                   At: Bwigribari Village

Bwigribari (pronounce as Boi-gri-bari) village is a village where people had usually go affected by heavy floods. It is situated across the wide river side, we travelled by Bike as the route was so bad and more inconvenience for the four wheeler. It is above 35kms far away from our station. There people gathered under a small tarpaulin and the youths received us with a group special song. Colin speak about ‘Sin, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ with different experiments and examples. People got so impressed that they were prompt to do what God want them to do in their lifes. He also demonstrates the power of healing and instantly 25 peoples revealed that they were relief from their pain, sickness, and right after Colin preach and pray for the sick, I ask one old man who is suffering from abdomen pain (can be view in the picture) How do you feel the pain after Colin is praying for you? He said, I definitely healed and feel light(not heavy)my whole body. Thank God for His work.


We were supposed to leave the place before the sunset but, we couldn’t due to the interested and joy of blessing that exists among the peoples. We left the place by late 5:00pm riding under the horrible road. However, we praise God for having done a great things to His peoples and also we can safely reached our stationed. Thence, hurriedly we wash up and ready again for the next service.

                                NIGHT SERVICE                 At: Monika village

Monika village is a village nearby our station Parkejuli, they were above 300-400 congregations, the programme begins around 7:00pm at night and concluded around 10:00pm. Here, Bro. Colin Preach about the “ Power of the Resurrection”  Childrens performed some of their cultural dances and one special song from a group of women.

As Colin has go on his preaching people step forward for prayer and more than 30 peoples say they were healed and relief from their pain. While I was talking to one of the leader he says we haven’t received a preacher from abroad like this, so we are so much happy and thankful to God, do visit us again and continuously pray for us.

Day  3    13th Nov,(Thursday)                            At: Tamulpur

The Father we have is ALMIGHTY who never leave and forsake His people, Here in this small town, a Christian family is presecuted for several years, This is the place where we visit, The family received us with soft tea and snacks, Bro. Colin begin his preaching by prayer, he share about the “Spiritual Warfare” and pray for the families, a young guy from the family says he wants to go for a Bible study and came back to preach the Gospel to all the persecutors. They were so happy for the sharing of spiritual warfare and encouragement from Colin and M. Suantak.


Day 4     14th Nov,08(Friday)                            At: Ganesguri Village

Here in this small village, one Interesting thing happened, they were only above 30-35 only but people gathered the meeting completely. While Colin Preach and call for a prayer who needs healing; a women came and ask to pray for her daughter who is in sickbed and for her, then Colin lay hand upon her and pray for both the mother and daughter, in the meantime, while he goes on to pray for other next by next, a little girl step into the church and they said she was the girl who is sick in bed, she was healed so she came to attened the meeting they said. Praise God!


Day 5                     15th Nov, 08(Saturday)                      At: Horotola Village

On this day we were supposed to rest and visit some family nearby but, unfortunately after the lunch the above church leader came and invite Colin to come and pray for the church. There the people got so excited and feel the joy of Holy Spirit within them, the service go on till 6:00pm night. Out of 70-100 members in the Church 25-30


people got healed and accepted Jesus as their Personal Saviour.


Day 6            16th Nov,08(Sunday)                   At: Parkejuli

This is the last day where we had the service in our main station Parkejuli Church. Above 300-400 peoples attened the services. Bro. Colin begin his preaching by teaching action song to the little childrens, everyone felt the inspiration of the Holy Spirit also feel the message as the real voice of God, they step forward to get a prayer from the preacher and they returned back with a smile on their face. The Service ended with a great joy and happiness.        



































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