Hi my brother Col.

Trust you are doing great under God’s grace and protection.

FROM THE HARVESTING FIELDS (near the Indian and Myanmar border)

From Friday till Sunday, the three of us went to three different villages dominated by non-Christians. We stayed in the villages for the whole three days. In the first village, we had an open air program where I preached the gospel. At the end of my preaching about 75 people came up to have a salvation prayer. After these 75 brave people accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord in public, we asked if any sick people would like us to pray for them. Many people came forward. Our team prayed for them and as a result 39 people were healed instantly. In the evening, we had a short bible study with those 75 new believers to encourage them and to make their faith strong at one of the house compound of the new believer.  

After a short bible study, we had a worship meeting and all of sudden when we started praying one man started speaking in tongues, which was followed by others and in a few moments everyone was slain in the Holy Spirit.  

2nd Village

On Saturday the 30th May at the request of the first village, we went to a nearby village. We conducted open air preaching.  About 114 people came to listen to the word of God at our open air preaching.

About 92 people newly received Jesus Christ as their Lord as a result of my preaching. Again we asked if they wanted prayer for their sickness, about 52 people came forward to be prayed for from different ailments. Our team prayed for each one of them, and God performed His miracles through the faithful prayers of our team and 28 people claimed that they were instantly healed.

3rd Village

On Sunday the 31st May at 6:30 a.m. sharp we moved to the third village, which is about 29 kilometres from the two villages. There we organized another open air preaching at the invitation some local Christians. While I was preaching unfortunately some local thugs came and created trouble. They tried to stop us from preaching and tried to push back all those 84 people who were eagerly listening to our preaching. We gently talked and discussed with the Thugs and at last after so many prayers and negotiation, the situation calmed down and I was able to make them sit and listen to the word of God, including the thugs.

After 35 minutes of preaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, I made an altar call, and to our great surprise the leader of the thugs came first and gave his life to Jesus Christ our Lord. Many people were so amazed and astonished to see the full repentance of the thug leader. Then another 59 people followed and accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord. At the end of the meeting our team prayed for the sick people and God performed His miracles.

Seeing the full repentance of the thug leader including another 59 people and the healing miracles of God that took place, all the 59 new believers and the rest of the other people were slain in the Holy Spirit and thus GREAT REVIVAL BROKE OUT. People were shouting and rejoicing from the top of their voices worshiping God. So the worship service continued until late in the afternoon with a great revival.

Col, on the same day last week on Sunday the 31st May Khaiboi went to Haokhongching village and he too had a great ministry there. Khaiboi baptized 8 young people who recently received Jesus Christ as their Lord in Haokhongching village. There another great revival took place, in the evening during the worship service the whole villagers including the 8 young people that were baptized took part in the Lord ’s Supper which was inducted by Khaiboi.

Col, we are so grateful to God for using us to save souls through our partnership ministry.

On the 15th January 2020, we purchased our brand new car through the great initiative and generosity of many our friends who donated funds generously for the car. Many hundreds of people have been saved and healed and heard the gospel as a result of our being able to travel. We still have countless numbers of miles and uncounted numbers of Indian villages, hills valleys, rural and urban to preach the gospel to the nation. Pray that God will supply us every need in heralding the gospel of our Lord to every corner of the globe. We still have many millions of unsaved souls to reach as we continue in our burden for the millions of lost souls, let us pray that God will use us in saving the millions of lost souls.

Very sorry for this lengthy report, take great pain and be patience to read it.  

Looking forward to hearing from you and to see you again in His perfect timing.

May the good Lord continue to bless you my brother. Shalom.

Your missionary brother

Minthang Suantak.         

Fri 19/06/2020 11:15 PM

Hi Col

Trust you are doing good under His grace and protection.


We revisited some villages of our rural evangelism ministry, where many people got saved. We also visited some of the neighbouring villages and preached the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the hidden people. We always feel great and happy that we did what we can in reaching millions of lost souls for the extension of His Kingdom. We thank God for making us His instrument in saving the lost souls. I am very proud to be your co-workers and to work together in His great kingdom ministry.

On Wednesday the 17thJune, we went to Saikul with Rev, Rakhon and Pastor Akhup, for seminar and rural evangelism to the hidden tribes. For your kind information many different tribes and languages live together in Saikul. Many thousands of hidden people live within the boundary. Our good friend Pastor Akhup with the help of very few local Christians in the are, arranged an open seminar where we had good discussion with the non-Christian people about the gospel of Salvation.

In some places like Wangoo Pallel, we didn’t maintain social distancing and fix the number of people and had as many as we can as the places were a bit far from Imphal and being so isolated. In such far flung places social distancing, wearing of mask or setting limited numbers of people is not mandatory.

In Saikul on Wednesday, at our first seminar we had about 60 people all from non-Christian background. Rev Rakhon and I preached and shared the word with counselling and open discussion. In the first seminar 27 people accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord. We moved to another place for our 2nd’seminar. At the second seminar we had 31 people majority of them were Hindu Nepalese. As a result of our ministry 18 people newly accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord.

Then in the evening around 5:30PM, we came down to Dolaithabi small town where we had about 94 people eagerly waiting for us in a small private school building. Out of the 94 people 84 were from a non-Christian background, due to security reason it is not wise to name their religion. Just before ending my preaching several people from the middle seat stood up with tears from their eyes and asked me to pray for their salvation. I did that and many people without even making an alter call came forward to the stage and pleaded to pray for their salvation. At that point of time Rev Rakhon and Pastor Akhup came to help me and the three of us prayed for them. As a result of that 41 people newly accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord.

The clock was ticking and it was already 7:45PM in the evening and we needed to leave the place. However, just before we left we sang one song and all of sudden a man already Christian who was sitting at the rear seat got anointing of the Holy Spirit, he stood up started speaking in tongues which was followed by the whole audience and thus revival broke out. In few minutes time we left and assigned Pastor Akhup to look after them.

By God’s grace on Wednesday the 17th,June altogether 86 new souls being saved and added to the Kingdom through our partnership ministry.

Col, tomorrow i am again going to Thoubal for a evangelistic ministry to the hidden tribe, and God willing we will come back on Monday. Kindly pray for the saving of many lost souls.

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