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REPORT 9/2015



Hi Colin,


Greetings from your family and church members here in Imphal, Manipur. It was so good and encouraging to have a telephonic conversation. Thank you so much for your telephone call.

Col, the computer mechanic who came this morning and left without fixing have came back this afternoon and could fixed some of the problem in my computer, but not 100% good. It is still playing ups and down. It is mainly in the displayed anytime the displayed can block, it happened frequently. So I must hurry to write this short email before the displayed is going off again. It will not be all the reports I wanted to give you due to technical problem in my computer, but I will do my best before the problem starts up.




On the 25th of July I went to Mayangkhang village in Senapati district it is in the interior village. It is in a Baptist church I was invited by the villagers and the pastor, because they heard about the great revival happening in their nearby surrounding villages. The revival that took place in their neighboring villages was happened in the month of June, when I first visited their church with the invitation of the pastor. That church too was a Baptist church. I went there in the middle of June and was there for three days. During those three days of my stayed and preaching, many people were slain in the Holy Spirit and baptized in the Holy Spirit. As a result of that, many sick people got healed even after I left the village. Because I encouraged the members to lay hands on the sick people and pray for them for any kind of sickness. They were very humble, sincere and obedient a people who joyfully follow the instruction given to them. Therefore they keep practicing laying hands on the sick people and prayed for their sicknesses and also laying hands on people and pray for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. As a result of their faithful ministry, many people were healed from their sicknesses and many were baptized in the Holy Spirit. And thus the revival is going on continuously. When the testimonies are spreading to the surrounding villages, I was invited by the Mayangkhan Baptist church. I told them that I can be available to come to their village and can preach on the 25th, July. They were very happy. Four men from the prior village that I went came to take me to Mayangkhang church.

On my arrival I was joyfully welcome by the church pastor and the executive members of the church with many more youths and members of the village. I noticed that it was quite a sizable village. We all joyfully parading to the church building, and we immediately started the program.  Since it was far from Imphal, Immediately I was given the time to preached, as I have to come back to Imphal. I preached it for about 45 minutes fully centralized the need of revival in all my preaching of about 45 minutes. I told them that if they wanted to have a vibrant church revival is the most important key to have a vibrant and a living church. Everyone was so exciting of what I was preaching. During my preaching I had a feeling and sense it that they were so eager to be filled and baptize in the Holy Spirit. It was absolutely a joyful moment for each and every members of the church.

To cut the long story short, after my preaching, I asked the youths to come forward and lead the audience in worship the Lord. The youths led us in worship songs, We were all singing and praising God worshiping Him from the depths of our hearts. As we sang songs and worship God, immediately the pastor of the church was slain in the spirit, then the head deacon who was standing next to the pastor was slain in the Holy Spirit, both of them were shouting at the top of their voice saying hallelujah amen, and the people in the first row were all slain in the spirit. Than the pastor was started speaking in tongues which was followed by the deacon and in a few minutes time almost everyone in the church were slain in the Holy Spirit and were being baptized in the Holy Spirit. It was like the day of Pentecost in the Bible. Then I started laying my hand on the people prayed for their baptism in the Holy Spirit. As I did that everyone was being baptized in the Holy Spirit. There was a great joy and spiritual atmosphere inside the church. Many people were healed from their sicknesses on that day. When I asked the users how many people attended the church? The users told me that approximately it is between 300 to 350 people, exclusive of the small children.

The prayers and worship was going on till late in the afternoon, as the people were so excited and were all baptized in the Holy Spirit we could not stop it. I waited and we can only close the meeting at 5:30 P.M, the meeting was started exactly at 1:30 P.M. Which means the meeting was lasted for 4 hrs. As soon as we concluded the meeting I was hurriedly duck out and jump inside the car and we came to Imphal, as it is very far. We arrived Imphal at 12:30, at midnight because the road condition was very bad, we could not drive the car fast. 


Last night and this morning I got a phone called from the pastor of Mayangkhang church and told me that revival is going on till today. As a result of the revival which is taking place in their church, many of the youths in the village have gone out daily to the neighboring villages preaching the gospel of our Lord, converting people into Christianity and also encouraging the believers to stay strong in the Lord and be always alive and alert spiritually.


Col, as I told you earlier on the phone, I am invited to give ordination to one very important man. He was a Muslim but converted into Christianity. He is the first ever Muslim converted in Manipur state. His name is Mr. Manigun Sayed he was a very strong and fundamentalist Muslim but converted into Christianity in the year 1985. And still very strong and committed Christian. You will surely meet him in September when you come here. For many years he sincerely and faithfully serves the Lord and keep on serving him with absolute humility and faithfulness. He could have already approached some other big, big organization to give him ordination. But he didn’t approach any of the pastors in Manipur nor the churches to give him ordination. According to him and his church members, they kept thinking many times who would be the pastor or church that we would all like in one accord to approached and request to give ordination. At last we all came to agreement with one accord that we should request Rev Minthang Suantak the Administrative Secretary of Vaiphei Christian Church to give ordination to Mr. Manigun Sayed. As per the strong resolution of the church members, they request me and gave us their appealing letter to our church. Request me to give ordination to Mr. Manigun Sayed in their organization letter head. I informed our executive members and we had an emergency VCC executive council meeting at our Diplomat center and during our emergency Executive meeting we all fully agreed, and as a church we resolved to give ordination to Mr. Manigun Sayed on Sunday 2nd August 2015 under Vaiphei Christian Church. It will be another milestone and great achievement and credential in our ministry.


Mr. Manigun Sayed, the first ever fundamentalist Muslim, converted into Christianity, he is very popular among the Christian in Manipur since he is the first ever Muslim converted into Christianity. Honestly speaking many pastor and churches wanted to give ordination to this man. But he and his church members have chosen me and our Church VCC to give him ordination. That is the reason I said, we will make another history and it will be a great milestone again in our ministry. When you come here in September you will meet him and discuss many things with him. Remember, I am still the advisor of All Manipur Muslim Christian Organization.


Col, all this is happening because of God and you. My brother as I said I am very much proud of you. You are the real ice breaker in our ministry here in India and a wonderful brother. Col, as I said now a day in Manipur there is frequently curfew and ban imposed by many section of the society it is really frustrating as it delayed and give us troubles in our ongoing ministry. Even the 28th and 29th was a strict curfew no one was seeing on the road. Only this morning the curfew was relaxed and we still don’t know how long it will go.  


Col, there are still yet many more testimonies and progress report of our ministry which I wanted to tell you. However as I said, I must hurry to send this before my computer gives me trouble. Because the mechanic told me that it can play up and close the window again anytime as he did not fixed up properly. The computer mechanic will be coming back tomorrow and will try to fix it again properly. But for tonight at least let me send this report hurriedly. Col, if possible please see if you can send us some funds as we run dried. Col, another request, if you want me to join you in Pune I will be so happy to come to Pune. Please inform me early, so that I can get very cheap air ticket if I booked in advance.


Col, it is now 8, P.M. at night and I am still in my office with the computer mechanic I told him to wait me until I finish writing this email. Because I don’t want my computer to give me trouble while typing this email to you.


Col, I have many more invitation to go and preach in many villages and churches including Myanmar borders. But because of the unstable situation of our state Manipur, we could not fix the dates. Once when the political situation of our state is stable we will go ahead with properly fixing the dates and days of my touring and we will inform you of all the details.

Looking forward to hearing from you again very soon, and God willing to see you in September.


Your missionary brother


Minthang Suantak.


REPORT 10/2015



Hi my beloved brother Colin,


It was so nice and encouraging talking with you over the phone this morning. Thank you so much for the funds you transferred to us via western union. But I can only get the funds tomorrow, as there is a very strict ban and curfew imposed by the Students Wing in Manipur. It is a very hard life that we experience each day, there are lots of challenges living in Manipur. We are always encountering financial scarcity and on top of that when you transferred the funds, due to all this much frequent ban, curfew and general strikes we cannot even get the funds you send us, while we are living in a state of financial need and struggling to live on without single cents.  It is like survival of the fittest.

Col, just now I got a telephone called from one of the pastors in Saikul Sub division in Senapati district. He is a Baptist pastor, he told me over the phone that his church is greatly increasing numerically after several people of his church were slain in the spirit and got baptised in the Holy Spirit. He kept telling me that. After I preached in his church months ago, on that particular day of my preaching in his church so many people were slain in the Spirit and got baptized in the Holy Spirit. Those people who ever got baptism in the Holy Spirit scattered far and near preaching the gospel to the unbelievers and encouraging the new and old believers to be strong in their faith in God. As a result of the unceasing untiring labor and preaching the gospel by his church members who were baptized in the Holy Spirit, many new souls were added into his church. In one week about 35 people were added into his church. He was so happy in the phone, in every sentence he shouted Praise God, hallelujah. Now this pastor is so happy and thrilled to see the numerical growth in his own church and the spiritual atmosphere in his church, as a result of those people who got the baptism in the Holy Spirit.


He invited me again to preach in his church on this coming Sunday the 9th, August. But I told him that I am very sorry as I already had another preaching engagement, however I also told him that I will see if I can come to your church during the weekend not necessarily on Sunday. In addition to my heavy engagement for preaching, there is again another irritating circumstances like, ban, curfew and general strikes imposed by the people. The pastor also told me on the phone with much joy that, not only is his church increasing numerically but there is wonderful spiritual atmosphere within the church and now as a result his church is a vibrant church. He was so happy and enthusiastic about the growth of his church in every way.

Col, I also got a telephone called from another man from the same Saikul sub-division he too belongs to a Baptist church but different church from the former pastor who told me his church is numerically increasing. I visited his church on the middle part of July this year and preached twice in his church. This man also told me that their church is now growing spontaneously in every side. He too told me over the phone that he and the other people of his church who got Baptism in the Holy Spirit keep reaching out to the un-reached people, preaching the gospel and also encouraging the other believers. As a result of their faithful testimonies and tireless afford in preaching the gospel. There is also a numerical growth in his church, that about 23 new people were added to their church in nearly three weeks. According to the man who talked to me over the phone, that his pastor is now very happy, earlier he was deadly against the Pentecostal movement like, speaking in tongues, healing prayers, baptism in the Holy Spirit these were all un-Biblical in his thought. But now after he practically witnesses the power of God, he now fully believed in speaking in tongues and baptism in the Holy Spirit. The man also told me that his pastor now confessed that, from now on he will never opposed the work of the Holy Spirit, he also told that he now can feel and sense the powerful and mighty work of God through His Holy Spirit. He is now a happy pastor, who is now full on Holy Spirit. These churches did invite me again to preach in their church, but I will have to organize my ministry schedules and the time when I can be there. Col, I think you are not confused the way how I wrote the above report. It is two different churches, two different testimonies but in the same district with a distances of 55 kilometers away from one another.

Col, by God’s grace I got many invitations from different denominations please keep praying for me. I must wisely see my schedules and not over confidences for myself and not over joy but wisely follow my ministry and preaching engagement in a proper channel and according to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I need God the Holy Spirit to guide and lead me through, I also need your kind and wise advise.


Col, as I said by God’s grace, the time has come for our full restoration from all the great pain, depressions, anxieties, shame and agony that I have gone through in the past many years due to my family and personal problems. Col, I don’t want to look back the past years of my great depressions and strong tribulation, as it was too painful for me, even now when I think about my depressions, pain, agony and shame I still set my tears of troubles. It is so painful, fully pain to bitter for a person to tolerate that kind of depressions and shame. All the dictionaries words in the world couldn’t contain and express my deep depressions, anxieties, shame and pain that I gone through. Even still this pinch me so much and is still very painful for me. But, our loving, living God and Father hasn’t leave me just like that. He prepared an escape route for me from that strong tribulation, in sending you to rescue me from all my great depressions, anxieties, shame and tribulation.

Col, I will never ever forget your great awesome contributions towards me a poor man, who have no one here on earth to help me except God and you. God and you are the only one who rescued me and give me peaceful shelter from my great troubles. Col, all the dictionaries words and vocabularies in the world couldn’t contain my gratitude to God and you, if I am going to express it out.
Col, I will never ever forget your great contributions towards me, even in the last moment of my last breath.

Col, as I keep saying we are now on the verge to take the whole North East India for the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. I strongly believed and confident that God is giving us the whole North East India for the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. With God we will surely transform the whole North East India including our neighboring countries, Myanmar, Bhutan and Nepal from darkness to the Kingdom of God. With God it’s possible, it is possible, and it is possible and it will happened it. God is already doing that and He will make us His great instruments in transforming the whole North east India including our neighboring countries from darkness to the light of the Gospel. The two explosive dynamic leaders, Colin Lambert and Minthang Suantak, will bring changes in the lives of people with the Almighty, All Powerful help of God.


Col, as you said the time is at hand now for us to be laughing with joy. As God is transforming things for us, once we re-start our Bible College, that particular day will be the gateway for the starting point of our successful ministry. Bless you my brother. I need to send this report before my computer start playing up again. I could have send this earlier, but my computer trick me all the times as it frequently playing ups and down even this morning when I type this report. May the good Lord continue to showers His blessing upon you is our earnest prayers for you. Looking forward to hearing from you very soon and to see you again in September.


Bless you my brother.


Your missionary brother


Minthang Suantak.

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