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Goat farming is possible in most parts of Asia and it is possible for pastors to support their families through this farming. Three female goats in Bangladesh can be purchased for around $470 AU The goats produce twice a year and can have two babies at a time. Rather than give pastor support which is needed year in year out why not enable the Pastors to be self-sufficient. This is a hand up and not a hand out. Also if Pastor support stops, then often the ministry of the Pastor does too. This doesn't happen if Pastors have micro-economic businesses.





Pastor Paritosh of Bangladesh and his family are the recipients of our first goat farming project purchased and commenced in September 2019 It means so much for this family and from the breeding goats other pastors and their families will receive breeding stock as well. Please contribute to this project that keeps on giving. $470AU purchases three female goats.

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