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Dear Colin,


Greetings from your family and church members here in Imphal, Manipur.

It is really good to know that you arrived home safely under God’s grace and protection. We thank God for answering our prayers. It was so good to hear your voice through phone. We hope and trust that you will have a good and proper rest after a long time ministry in Manipur.


Every one of us here in Manipur particularly my family feel very empty and miss you so much. We love you brother and we want to see you again soon. But we also realized that you have a beautiful and very dear family who loves and longs to see you in Australia.




Colin, as I told you I went to Hegin’s church on the 16th June 2013, (Sunday) as he invited me to preached. To my surprised it was really great to see so many new convert came to the meeting eagerly and anxiously listened to the word I preached. Members in the church included the new believers converted through the preaching and witnessing of Hegin’s church members after they received Baptism in the Holy Spirit. It was so challenging to see their zeal and enthusiastic to go forward with the gospel of our Lord. I can strongly sense that their faith is built on solid Rock of our Lord. I preached on the topic of Holy Spirit Empowerment, since Hegin has already done a great teaching on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit among his members. My heart and spirit was melted to see how they greatly responded to the teaching of Hegin about the Baptism of the Holy spirit. The members of the Church, narrated their side of the story, telling me that,,, Hegin came to see Colin at VCC office Imphal, and had a few hours of talking and according to Hegin, Colin did taught Hegin about the ministry profile and the importance of the believers to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. Hegin came back at the same day and in the evening he (Hegin) called us together for a Fellowship and he preached about the things he learnt from Colin, and also the importance of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit by the believers. As we sang songs praising God and praying, Than Hegin laid his hands on everyone of us praying for us to receive the baptism of the Holy spirit, As he (Hegin) prayed for us we immediately start receiving the baptism of the holy Spirit. And we were all slain by the Holy Spirit and everyone started speaking in tongues. It was the first time we experienced the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and we were all very happy and exciting to go out and reached other people with the new and wonderful experienced we have,, said the believers. One of the believer said as a result of us being, Baptism in the Holy spirit and because of our faithful and boldly witness to other people now we have all these new convert adding into our church. But wait there is more,,,, the church members said that,, their testimonies of Baptism in the Holy Spirit has spread all over their areas, and now as a result of that, many nominal Christian had come to them for wanting to received the baptism of the Holy spirit as they saw many miracles of God happening in the lives of Hegin’s church members.,,, Praise the living God.

On Sunday the 16th,June, we freely distributed Meitei bibles to all the new believers and also to the members of the church.

On the coming Sunday the 23rd,June,2013, again at Hegin’s church in Churachandpur we are organizing a one day fasting prayer, I will be there again for fasting prayer with all the church members. We will be praying for the growth of our church and the ministry. We will be also praying for the millions of unsaved souls in Manipur and also for our political leaders in our country. We will be also praying for you Colin.

Reports keep coming from every angles of Manipur as a result of your faithful and tireless two months long ministry in Manipur. Demands for the next Leadership Seminar in different parts of Manipur is highly proposed from now by those churches leaders who attended the seminar last time. As you know that our aim and genuine target is to bring together the many different denomination churches of Manipur to a common faith, to be a spirit filled born again person and to received Baptism of the Holy spirit as a believers and leaders of the church. That we can fight together in reaching the unreached and struggling together for the millions of unsaved souls in Manipur.


Colin, there were several men and women who strongly said that, together with Colin, you Minthang can win the whole state of Manipur for Christ not many years from now. They keep saying we with great confident can tell to the whole people in the world that God’s great anointing and power is upon Colin to minister in Manipur said by the many different churches leaders of Manipur. You have confirmed this when you are here, as you heard several people saying,, I GOT WHAT I WANTED FROM COLIN’S TEACHING.

Almost every hours we got phone calls and text messages from different people and churches, about healing, receiving Holy Spirit baptism, born again, re-dedicated, slain in the spirit as a result of your faithful ministry in Manipur. They kept calling us and inquired about Colin Lambert. You are such a talented and anointing man to do the work of God Colin. Daily we discovered the anointing and the powerful hands of God upon you, through the living testimonies of the many person in Manipur to whom you had minister. All those many people you had prayed for their sickness and the many people you prayed for the anointing and baptism of the Holy spirit and the many hundreds of people to whom you preached and prayed for their Salvation now came forward with a living testimonies by way of communicating us over the phone or sending us text messages and some came to us in person in our office here in Imphal.

Colin, after you left us, phone calls and text messages about healings, born again, and a miracles of God in the lives of people were flooded as a result of your faithful ministry. You had seen and experienced this personally, while you were here with us in Manipur, people called us over the phone and told us the living testimonies in your hearings.

So far we have about 35 people healing from different sicknesses, 205 got saved and about 257 people got Baptism in the Holy spirit and about 175 people re-dedicated their lives in Christ.



We need to do all the follow-up programs for all these newly converted people to strengthen them in their faith and also to encouraged those who got Baptism in the Holy spirit and to build a spiritual faith to those who re-dedicated and also to comfort those who got healed through your prayers.


Yesterday, Kiran has gone out since in the morning at 10 A.M. for evangelizing to different people and he came home late in the evening.

while typing this email he called me by phone and told me that since morning so far he evangelized to 20 people in different areas and now he is doing counselling to 5 people at ICAR office and he will come in the evening. Praise God for all those who heard the gospel from Kiran.

Colin, God willing today I will be going to my father village for two day seminar organized by our church, we expect several hundreds of people to come, we arranged food for them. We were also expecting to have a delegates from Mai-bam church as well. Again tomorrow at the seminar I will be speaking about the Baptism in the Holy spirit and the empowerment. We were also expecting many non-Christian people as well, therefore I must also speak about salvation messages. I will halt the night and will come back on Thursday, evening the 20th June.


Guess what? I may get more information or, reports and testimonies about healing, salvation etc. from your preaching, prayers etc, from my father village tomorrow as many of our workers is coming for the seminar. So be prepared to get more report about a living testimonies from your labour anytime.

I think it is long enough report for today, if it is too long you might get it bored to read. Therefore I better to stop here for today and wait for another interesting more testimonies which is on the way.

Looking forward to hearing from you and to see you again in His perfect timing.

Please kindly give our love and best regards to Jenny and to all your family members.

May the good Lord continue to bless you and use you more and better instrument for His glory and for the extension of His great Kingdom.

Bless you my brother and love you so much.


Your missionary brother

Minthang Suantak.

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