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2015 field Reports


REPORT 1/ 2015



Hi Colin,


Greetings from your family and church members here in Imphal, Manipur. It is with joy we are writing this email. I just got home from Leimakhong for preaching to the non-Christian and there was a great positive response from the people. We had about 90 people listened to my preaching all of them from Non-Christian and for them it was the first time they heard the gospel in their life.

Out of the 90 people, 28 people accepted the Lord and strongly committed to be true Disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ. When we prayed for them for the sick people, 17 people got an instant healing from God through our humble prayers. God is moving in such amazing way in our ministry, we thank God for all what has been done and achieved in and through our humble ministry. We are only an insignificant instrument in His Kingdom ministry, but He blesses our humble works. Without God, we cannot do anything, but with our Sovereign and Almighty God, there is absolutely no impossible things.

Colin, it is because of your generous support we can do so much for His Kingdom. Without your generous continue financial support we cannot do anything. It is because of your generous financial support, we got the job done for the extension of His Kingdom. Colin, part of the funds that you transferred to us as a Christmas gifts on the 29th, December, 2014 was used to provide some tea and snacks to the people who listened the word of God today, which make them very happy. We also told the people that this tea and snacks is being provided to us by our beloved brothers and sister from Australia. They were so touched when we told how much the people and Church in Australia love you all, though they have never seen anyone of you before, but they love you all from their hearts. That touched their hearts so deeply and gave them knowledge of how Christ love us as a one body in Christ, and make them understand, the core values of Christianity and their love for the lost souls, not just by words but by deeds.  Colin, once again thank you so much for the funds you transferred to us.


Yesterday, was really a big day for us in the ministry as we had hundreds of people listening to our preaching of the gospel, and again today was really heart touching ministry, when we saw all these lost souls come to the Lord without any fear from their parents and relatives, but strongly committed to be a true disciples of our Lord, no matter how hard it will be in their faith journey with Christ, knowingly that their families will surely and deadly against them and opposed their commitment to be a true disciples of Christ. We can only said, that with God nothing is impossible. And our loving Sovereign God is gradually moving amazingly in our ministry.

Colin, it is now 7,35 P.M. at night and I just got home and tired, I was thinking to email you all the other very good progress reports from our workers. However, due to all this my busy schedules, I am not able to write those powerful testimonies and report from our workers. Hopefully I will be able to email you all the good progress report in a few days’ time. I am sure it is very fascinating report when you get it, you will be so happy. But there is more, let us wait, watch and see the BEST IS YET to come. Thank God for all His marvelous blessing and provision in our ministry.

May the good Lord continue to bless you is always our prayer. Colin, you have our love and prayers always.

Your missionary brother


Minthang Suantak.


REPORT 2/2015

29TH JANUARY, 2015


Dear Colin,


Greetings from your family and church members here in Imphal, Manipur. It is with joy I am writing this progress report of our ministry. We were too busy and occupied with our ministry engagements.
We were so thankful to you for your telephonic conversation. We got so exciting and feel very comforting by your telephonic conversation.


Mr. Raghumani and Meghajit did two days ministry in and around Patsoi and Khumbong among the non-Christian areas. They were able to reached 129 people, as it was strongly opposed by the local people to preach, share and distribute the gospel tracts. However, these two brothers of us were so persistent in their target to reach the lost souls for Christ, and they did it even if it is going to cost their lives. With the protection of God and the power of His Holy Spirit, and because of their great sacrifice, they were able to reach 129 people with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, and out of these 129 people 58 people received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. According to our brother Raghumani 12 people got instant healing from their different sicknesses when they prayed for them in Jesus name. Our brother Raghumani and Meghajit told us that, it is not our power nor by our might, BUT it is absolutely the POWER OF GOD that people got saved and healed when we preached and prayed for them. So we give all the PRAISE and GLORY to GOD in the Highest. We are only a very little tiny instrument in His Sovereign hands.  

Colin, in a remote area of Churachandpur, I was invited to preach in a village, where some of our team did all the arrangement with the help of the villagers. My very good and faithful friend, filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, Mr. Siandolian a policeman came with me in his car to the village in Churandchandpur for the one day crusade. We both went in his car, I was expecting to have the service in the village church building, however our team and the villagers arranged in the village community hall, which is so big and could accommodated few hundreds of people. One of the reasons for arranging the service in the village community hall was, in that village alone there were at least three different churches, with different doctrines and beliefs. Therefore, our team one to bring together all the different denomination in that village to listen the plain gospel from me and not their men make doctrines. I was happy to see that very good and wise arrangement of our team members.

On our arrival, the people were already inside the community hall, started their songs etc. Soon after I enter the hall, the meeting conductor immediately asked me to preach which I did it for about 45 minutes. During my 45 minutes of preaching I did not mention and preach about any doctrines and things that can caught their mind into confusion. I only preached the plain gospel and the greatest need of salvation which is freely given to all mankind by our Lord Jesus Christ on the cross. I also taught them the things of the Holy Spirit, and seriously focus on the need of the believers’ baptism in the Holy Spirit. I preached to them that instead of fighting and arguing one another with unnecessary men made doctrines and dogmas, why not seriously think about your own salvation and the importance of the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Then, I requested all the people to stand up and have a few moments in worshipping God singing a worship song of joy together. And I told them that while we worship God in Spirit I will come down and lay my hand on them and pray for them to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit. However, to our great surprised even before I start laying my hands on anyone, just when we started the worship service, some people were slain in the Holy Spirit and started speaking in tongues. Than in a few minutes more many were again slain in the spirit and they too started speaking in tongues. In a few minutes times the whole community hall was filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit, and to me it was not that much different from what happened on the day of Pentecost in the book of Acts.

Everyone was shouting at the top of their voices, saying Hallelujah Amen, Praise the Lord and they were speaking in tongues. People outside of the hall and who were in the village in their houses came to see what was happening with those people inside the community hall, and they were all filled with wonders and amazed as to what was happening. But the best thing is they were surprised to see the work of the Holy Spirit which they have never seen before even in their many years of Christianity. When I asked the ushers, how many people would you recorded or think attended the meeting on that day? They told me that it comes easily up to 170 people.

Colin, remember that in this meeting, there was one man who listened to your preaching at Thingkangphai during your visit in the year 2012. This man never forgot what you taught about the different between receiving the Holy Spirit and Baptism in the Holy Spirit. This is the man who first slain in the spirit even before I lay my hands to any one in that meeting. He always mentions your name in anything he said.

My brother Colin, I say this with tears of joy running and gushing out of my eyes. I said to myself what a joy and wonderful it will be if my brother Colin sees this wonders in his own eyes. He my brother Colin, will be jumping and shouting and running everywhere laying hands on people praying for them with joy praising God. I was overwhelming to see this miracle of God in our humble ministry.

My brother Colin, you see these things began to happen as you started the work in such a humble way, as you taught and encouraged people in Manipur to do this. Now it is happening, Colin you are the man who put the spark on. You are the one who ignite the fire of the Holy Spirit into the lives of the people. BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE TO COME. It is only the starting point we will cover the whole North Eastern states of our country.

My beloved brother Colin, as I keep saying, you are the real backbone of our ministry. It is because of your great sacrificed, dedication and hard work we can do so much for the Kingdom of God and save so many lost souls for the Kingdom of God. Without your tireless afford and big sacrifices, we will never get the job done.

On Monday the 26th, January, 2015, which was also our country Republic day, there was a very strict ban imposed by the terrorist. But it was also the wedding day of our brother Manglem’s church members. Brother Manglem was so busy for all the arrangement he request me to help him in all the arrangement, so it was a very busy day. Both the bride and bridegroom were a strong believers, but both of their parents were a very strong non-Christian, it was really hard and a great challenges for us in all our arrangement. The two parties both the bride and bridegroom’s parents tried to oppose our Christian way of wedding in the church they wanted them to tie the knot in Hindu customary wedding. But after many times of discussion the parents of both the bride and bridegrooms finally agreed us to have their weeding in the church. We invited both the parents families and relatives to the wedding, around 130 people from both the families turned up for celebrating the marriage in the church. We took advantage of that and preached the gospel as well. It was really a great chance for us.

My brother, I now again have to hurry to send this email as our team wait me in my office to go to Lamphel to visit several house as a home group fellowship.

God, willing I will be again going to Churandchandpur on the coming Saturday the 31st January 2015 for another important tour program. Please kindly pray with us. There are still many testimonies and reports that I need to write to you, but it will come one after another. Let me send this as our team is now in a hurry to go.


We love you my brother. Our hearts, our love and our prayers are always for you.

Give our love and regards to your lovely family and to all our wonderful supporters of our ministry and to all your loving friends.


Bless you my brother,


Your missionary brother


Minthang Suantak.


REPORT 3/2015



Hi Colin,


Greetings from your family and church members here in Imphal, Manipur. It is with joy we are writing this email.


On the 10th February, 2015 we went to Phailengjang village which is in the very remote isolated area in the eastern side of Manipur and very far from Imphal. No good connecting vehicle road to the village. One must travel by a four wheel land rover as long as it can travel on the ground and then has to park the jeep somewhere leave it and must walk another few hours to get the village depends how strong and fast you can walk.  Anytime we visited this village we used to say that it is in the utter most part of the world. So far and so isolated, it is really in the most interior place.

We did that on the 10th, February it was a kind of good adventure for every one of us. We had some friends from Myanmar who were a spirit filled born again much enthusiasm to reach the unreached people with the gospel of Christ. It was organized by our VCC workers. Some of our team had gone to this village two days prior to our arrival for all the arrangement, inviting people to come and to listen to the gospel.


It was not an easy task as the location of the village is too interior, we were all physically exhausted and tired, but as soon as we arrived the village, we all sense a kind of spiritual revival and when we saw very few handful of Christian in that area, they were dull as they belong to a very conservative Christian and not many Christian leaders visited them often due to the distances and venue of the village.

When we started preaching and teaching the spiritual things some of those few Christian have a hard understanding according to the teaching they have heard it from their pastors. Some even stood up boldly and asked us that our preaching and teaching is very much different from what their pastors were teaching them. Many non-Christian did attend and listened to our preaching.
I asked them (the few Christian) tell me what is the different between our teaching and that of your pastors? One man told us that their pastors told them about repentance and born again and receiving Jesus Christ as their Lord. Then I told them yes that is what we told you, to repented from your sin and be born again. But he kept saying you told us to have baptism in the Holy Spirit and also that there is a different between receiving the Spirit and being baptism in the Holy Spirit. I said yes you are absolutely right, we preached that it is importance to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. He again told us that, you insisted us that a real born again Christian can speak in tongues which is very much unheard of in our many years of Christianity and not a single pastor of our church taught us, so it is too difficult for us to believed. I said yes, it could be unheard for all of you, since your pastors or leaders have no told you yet, but according to the Biblical teaching, and for all those early Christian it is not unheard off, it is very much importance and Biblical teaching if you refer to your Bible. I kept telling them, now all you need to do is just keenly listen to our preaching and teaching and if there is anything that you don’t understand, you may please ask us. Than we will be so happy to thoroughly tell you what you don’t understand.

We kept preaching and as we watch them, they were so keen to listen to our preaching, we can easily notice from their body language that they were so interested and so awakening of our preaching and teaching. At the end of our preaching I asked them all to stand up worship the Lord, as we sing songs of praising some started praying, and some started speaking in tongues, and all of sudden it was again like a mighty rushing of wind and the whole crowd was slain in the spirit. There was spiritual overwhelming and every one of them was slain in the spirit and all of them started speaking in tongues. We did not ask them to speak in tongues or to be slain in spirit, but the strong current wave of the Holy Spirit was too strong that they were all slain in the Spirit and spoke in tongues. We all set tears of joy it was really an amazing grace of God. We also did prayed for the sick people, not us but the people who got Baptism in the Holy Spirit were so eager to prayed for the sick people and they did prayed for them. Three people claimed that they were healed from their sicknesses through the prayers of the people. We were all amazed as to how the Spirit led us in our humble ministry. I was thinking and speaking to myself what a wonderful joy it will be if my brother Colin could see all this things being happening as a result of his ministry and hard labor. At the end of the day, we put up a flag painting cross as a symbol of victory in Christ, and urged the people to come together in that place and pray together for spiritual revival of the whole areas including many of their neighboring villages.

Now just before we left the village, some of those Christian who did a hot argument on our teaching in regards to the Baptism in the Holy Spirit came to us and request us to forgive them for their wrong and meaningless arguments. They told us we were innocent as we did not know what actually being born again in spirit is, because we were not properly taught by our pastors and leaders about the spiritual things. We were only taught half of the spiritual food not the full gospel. Therefore, we were half Christian, but from now on through your spiritual teaching, we know the truth and we will strongly committed ourselves to this truth of the gospel and be able to make more disciples for Christ in the future and be able to teach and preach to other about the differences between receiving the Holy Spirit and to be baptised in the Holy Spirit.

We were just joyfully laugh at them with love and complete forgiveness. We told them we forgave you already before you asked for our forgiveness, it was not a meaningless arguments, we should thank you all for the arguments you brought to us, otherwise the truth will not revealed it. I told them, we actually appreciated your courageous arguments you don’t have to ask for our forgiveness as we don’t have any bad feelings on your good arguments and questions. Be happy and always fill with the Holy Spirit and being baptized with it and prepared to tell others the good news of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

My dear beloved brother Colin, things happening in our ministry with progress, we are so thankful for your kind initiative in our ministry. It is because of your great generous help and support we can do so much in our ministry.

Yesterday, I went to see the dams for fishery projects which are now under construction. I will be going again tomorrow. When we complete we will send you all the details and the nature of the projects with financial audited statement done by authorized charted accountants. Bless you my brother looking forward to hearing from you soon to see you again on the 8th March.

Kindly give our love and appreciation to all our beloved brothers and sisters who help us and support us in our humble yet powerful ministry.


Your Missionary brother,


Minthang Suantak


REPORT 4/2015

15TH APRIL, 2015


Hi Colin,

Greetings from your family and church members here in Imphal, Manipur.
It is with joy we are writing this email to you to inform you the updates of our ministry.

Thank you so much for your telephonic conversation this morning, policeman Lian was with me and he enjoyed what was said in our conversation. Pastor David Pastor David just arrived in my office, as he was with me yesterday when I was in Saitol. He knew all what was happening and he enjoyed the ministry.



Meghajit is working hard in and around Pangei area in preaching, teaching the gospel of our Lord to the people. He recently started a new fellowship there. This morning our brother Meghajit called me in the phone and told me yesterday while I was in Saitol he and one of his friends who recently received Jesus Christ as his Lord went to Yumnam Khunao going house to house visit and sharing the word of God to the people. As a result of their every home crusade 8 people received Jesus Christ as their Lord and we are now discussing as to how we can start a home fellowship at Yumnam Khunao village. It is a strong Hindu dominated area and I am very pleased to know that 8 people now ready to follow our Lord and very soon we will start a fellowship center there and hope that the gospel will go further in that area.

Our missionaries Raghumani and Ibotombi were in Tabungkhok area since for the past three days, preaching, teaching and sharing the gospel to the people visiting them in their homes. Some local Christian gives them shelter and food as they keep preaching the gospel to that areas. According to brother Raghumani about 160 people heard the gospel over three days and 13 people got saved. As you see the gospel is going further to the nation as a result of our partnership in the ministry.
Our missionaries Raghumani and Ibotombi told us that they will be here in Tabungkhok area till the 17th April and hope to win many more souls.

Brother Colin, this is all happening as a result of your generous support and full initiative in our ministry. With your wise advice, generous support and full co-operation in our ministry, we can do so much for the extension of His kingdom. Without you we will not achieved and saved so many lost souls for His kingdom.

Colin, as I said you are a history maker and transformer of our state for God’s kingdom. We appreciate you and will be always by your side in everything you do. You always have our hearts and prayers.

I was invited to preach in one Presbyterian Church in Saitol yesterday. I took Pastor David with me, however when we arrived the place things changed automatically. We arrived the church 35 minutes prior to the church timing. As we arrived I notice some unusual manner with the pastor. When he saw us he pretended that as if he did not saw us, he just turned his face in the opposite direction. However, we went to him and said hello and shacked his hand, but we became unwanted guest to him. When other members of his church knew that we arrived, they all stormed into his house and we had a discussion. At that point the Pastor openly told me Pastor M. Suantak I am sorry to invite you, but you cannot preach in our church today. I said why? If you don’t want me to preach in your church, why invited me? Tell me please the reason for not allowing me to preach in your church?

He responded his church was splitting because of my preaching last time. Therefore, I will not have a place in his church for preaching. I said tell me why the church is splitting, he told me when you preached in his church last time you preached about the different between receiving the Holy Spirit and baptism in the Holy Spirit. You prayed for the people to be baptized in the Spirit and as a result many were baptized and slain in the spirit, now those people who got Holy Spirit baptism don’t want to stay in my church but keep heralding the gospel to the unreached people, and the number of my members has decreased. I said did the members of your church who got Holy Spirit baptism preach the gospel to the lost souls? He said yes, I further asked him does anybody saved as a result of their preaching, in this he was very honest he said OH yes, many people got saved and they even started a new fellowship in five different places. I keep asking further, which means the gospel is going further in a big way to the people, he said yes. Then I said what amazing thing is happening, praise God for that, and thank God for those people who slain in the Spirit on that particular day of my preaching and praise God for those who got baptism in the Holy Spirit, because of those wonderful people the gospel is going further into many areas and that many people got saved. The pastor told me, but the numbers of my church goers are decreasing, and my church is now splitting as a result of your preaching. He further goes on blaming me, that you are the root cause of all this trouble in my church. So I cannot accept you to preach again in my church. I said well good, I may not have a place in your church, but I will have a place to preach the gospel everywhere in the world.

I further told him, look pastor you need to calm down a bit and need to re-think as to what is happening. Yes, you felt very sad that the members of your church is decreasing, but it is because of your narrow minded, I wanted to give you few points in regards to this. Below is the point I gave him.

(1)          According to the information I got, they did not leave your church, but you excommunicated them.
(2)          The gospel is going further to many areas and the message of Salvation is being preached to many lost souls by these brethren and as a   result of their preaching many lost souls being saved.
(3)          You told me that five more new fellowships have been set up because of them.

Do you notice these things and agreed with the point I gave you? He answered me and said yes.
At that point I told him, is it not wonderful that members of your church have gone everywhere and preached the gospel to the nation and saved souls for God’s kingdom? He did not give me any comment on this.

But one of his active church members’ stood up and said, I agreed with what Rev, M. Suantak has said. I fully agreed with it, because many lost souls have been saved and the gospel is going further to the people, as a result of those members who were slain in the Spirit and in addition to that, new fellowships have sprung up and people were added daily in the fellowship. When the pastor heard that, he shouted towards the man and warned him to keep quiet. At last he told me, we don’t agree with your doctrine of Filling and baptism in the Holy Spirit and speaking in un-known tongue and healing the sick. All this un-wanted doctrine which you introduced in our church is the major cause of splitting our members. These doctrines are not in our church constitutions. Therefore, we cannot allow you to preach as long as you go with this doctrine that is not enshrined in our church constitution.

I said, yes it may not be enshrined in your church constitution, BUT IT IS IN THE BIBLE AND IS VERY MUCH BIBLICAL TEACHING. Now tell me the truth which one is more important in your own belief, to follow your church constitution or to follow the Bible? And I told him, but me and my church members will always follow the Bible and not men make doctrines. He kept quite in this and did not give me any comment.

I came out and met those friends and they were so happy to meet me, took me to their ministry operational areas. I was so happy to see the broad and wide of their ministry operational areas. They request me to preach in their fellowships which they started. I preached in five different house fellowships and encouraged them to stay strong in the Lord and to be a strong Disciples of Christ and to establish vibrant churches. David was very happy to see all these progress. He told me, Colin would be so happy and shout at the top of his voice in praising God if he sees all this progress in our ministry.

I was not allowed to preach in one church, but God open a wide door to preach in five different new fellowships in one particular day. What a joy and blessing it is.

Colin, as I said you are a history maker and an amazing transformer of our state into the Kingdom of God.

It is because of the great and significant impact of your teaching and preaching, all this is sprung up in our ministry. We love you my brother and we are proud of you and blessed to be a part of your team. Tomorrow, there will be another round of meeting of Vaiphei People council (V.P.C.) in our Diplomat center again.

Colin, we keep praying that you have a good time and a fruitful discussion with Tim Hall tomorrow. We are waiting with anticipation for great and wonderful news from your discussion with Tim Hall.

As I said when you send funds, please send it in Annie’s name again. Waiting for the MTCN number of the funds transfer tomorrow, as we are bankrupt now. Bless you my brother and looking forward to hearing from you very soon. Please give our best regards to Tim Hall when you meet him tomorrow.



Your missionary brother,


Minthang Suantak


REPORT 5/2015

2015 15th MAY, 2015




As I said from the 2nd, May till the 4th, May, 2015, we organized a seminar for pastors who are currently in an active ministry from different denominations. About 75 pastors participated in the seminar that we organized. The seminar was for 75 pastors from different denomination held at Yurembam.

The Theme of our seminar was “EMPOWERING PASTORS TO BE MORE AFFECTIVE IN THEIR MINISTRY.” We also taught them a prophetic ministry which was so encouraging for them.
Our three days seminar was so fruitful as many pastors were more equipped and so challenged to go out and start vibrant churches.

The seminar was closed on the 4th, May in the afternoon. Right from the next day from the 5th, May, we started visiting many different churches, of the pastors who participated in our seminar that we organized. It was a great time and successful in pulpit exchange ministry. Because we visited so many churches and preached in their churches and we also invited them to preach in our churches and to others as well. All the 75 pastors from different denominations who participated in our seminar had exchange of pulpit ministry from one another which is a new experience for them. We organized and make a routine and program for all the 75 pastors.

The pulpit exchange ministry was started from the 5th, May and it is still going on till we completely rotate all these 75 pastor’s churches who participated in our seminar. I have visited many churches so far, that is why I told you I am fully occupied in the ministry. Not only me but all the 75 pastors too were busy in these pulpit exchange ministry.


The reason why I said Pulpit Exchange ministry means; For example a pastor from a Baptist church will go and preach in the Pentecostal church and the Presbyterian pastor will preach in a Baptist church so we rotate the routine from one church to other. It is a new experience for many of them. From this we may start many vibrant churches as the pastors were so enthusiastic and so thrilled to have preached in other churches and communities. This is a new creative idea for an effective ministry for the pastors.

Tomorrow God willing I will be in Keithelmanbi in the east district of Manipur as I am invited to be a blessing prayer for one politician man who is contesting the election of MDC, which means (Member District Council), tomorrow is his flag hoisting ceremony. Hope many hundreds of people

will come for this flag hoisting ceremony for this powerful politician, in which I will be the main person to speak and pray for the man.

Yesterday I was at H.K. Phai for a big conference as three different tribes of Manipur came together for the conference. I was the main resource person. The three different tribes were, Vaiphei, Thangkhul and Meitei. It was so productive ministry as many came to the Lord. I arrived back home late at night.


Last Saturday the 9th, May, 2015, early morning at 5, A.M. I left for S.Geltui village for preaching, and on my way back in the afternoon I stop over to S. Phaiza village and preached in the evening at S. Phaiza church. After preaching in these two far flung villages I arrived back home very late at night at 11 P.M. The next day on Sunday the 10th, May, I went to Tuibuong T.B.C church and preached there. During my preaching when I prayed for the people many were slain in the spirit. It was a great revival every single person enjoyed the service. I did pray for many sick people.

Our evangelist Meghajit and Raghumani is working very hard in soul hunting ministry in Yurembam area where we had our seminar from the 2nd, till the 4th, May. They were very successful in their soul hunting ministry as per their report. Brother Meghajit told us this morning over the phone that they were able to reached about 340 people and out of these 340 people 32 persons fully received Jesus Christ as their Lord. According to our brother Meghajit and Raghumani many more are expected to come to the Lord by the end of the weekend.

Col, it is now 11:15 P.M. at night and I arrived home very late from a big ministry at Langjing. I will write more reports to you very soon.

As per our telephonic conversation this morning, I just drop in to the Christian Literature center on my way to Langjing inquiring the Bibles that we discussed to purchase. Bibles and some very good gospel booklets are available for sale. I told them that tomorrow my team will come to buy the Bibles and Gospel booklets to be distributed to Saitual and to other areas, wherever is needed.

Thank God for the person who deposited the funds in your account towards the purchase of these bibles and gospel booklets for free distribution to the greatly needed and hungry peoples for the word of God. May God bless her abundantly.


Col, tomorrow when you transfer funds via western union, please transfer it in the name of MINTHANG VAIPHEI. Please text me or email me the MTCN number and the amount of the funds, that I may send someone from our office to get the funds, as I am leaving for Keithelmanbi at 9,30 A.M. Our staff in the office can get the funds even if I go to Keithelmanbi for a prayer meeting. I will leave the needed identity proved with my signature.


As I said please send the funds in the name of Minthang Vaiphei.


Col, I am pretty tired from a very big day today, the whole day preaching and teaching at Laigjin church.


I will write to you more in a couple of days’ time.

May the good Lord continue to bless you my brother.


Looking forward to hearing from you very soon, and to see you again in His perfect timing.

Shalom, Your missionary brother,


Minthang Suantak.


REPORT 6/ 2015




Hi Colin,


Greetings from your family and church members here in Imphal Manipur.

It was so good and encouraging to have a wonderful telephonic talked with you this morning. Praise God to know that you are all doing great under God’s protection and guidance. We are doing our best in the ministry, as much as we can for the extension of His kingdom and to save souls.



On Sunday the 7th, June, we organized a one day gospel meeting at Manglem’s church in Moirangkhom. We invited people to come and listened the word of God in which I was the only main speaker and a resource person. We invited particularly youths from different background and religious, who were not from a Christian background. For many of them it was the first time in their lives, hearing the gospel and the messages of salvation. We had about 35 to 45 people participated the meeting. It was so wonderful and heartbreaking to see many of the youth from non-Christian background attended the meeting. We provide a light lunch and preached the gospel to them almost the whole day. We also had some people already converted into Christianity; those people help us a lot in all our arrangement. They were the key person behind our mission success in bringing people to the saving grace of our Lord.

After my preaching before I do an alter call for people who wanted to give their life to Christ, we were singing songs. All of saddened few people were slain in the spirit and the worship was continue for about 45 minutes as they were some people who were slain in the spirit. On that day when I made an alter call about 10 people gave their life to Christ. It was the first time for them to accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord. We thank God for all these people. Manglem was so happy to see God’s miracles happened in his church, people were slain in the Spirit, and to see so many people accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord for the first time in their life. God willing we are planning to organize  similar gospel meeting every month, inviting people from different religious, and preach the gospel to them and to save the lost souls. But for everything it cost us fortune, we need lots of funds and support to do things.

Yes, the gospel and salvation is a free gifts to all mankind by our Lord Jesus Christ, but it is never cheap, it cost the life of Christ. Therefore, we need a great contribution and support from different angles to meet the need of our ministry in heralding the gospel to every individual and for saving of souls.

On the 28th’ May, Thursday here at our Diplomat center, about 55 pastors from different communities and different church denominations came for a special meeting. There are three different simple reasons for organizing this one day seminar for only pastors from different denominational churches.

1.            One of the Agendas in our meeting was to do our best in promoting the gospel ministry to each and every corner of the whole seven states of the North East states in general and Manipur state in particular. 
2.            I will continue to labor my afford in bringing all the different denominational background into one common platform. I know it is hard and next to impossible, however I will never give up my faith in bringing different denominational churches into one common platform. I will strive for this with all my heart and strength and ability, praying to God for mission accomplishment. Because I strongly believe that if I success in pulling all the different denominational churches together, we can change the whole state of Manipur in particular and the whole seven states of the North East in general.
3.            The one day consultation meeting with 55 pastors at our Diplomat center on the 28th, May was also targeting the different churches to give us their full and maximum co-operation in our upcoming crusades.


On the 28th, May during the pastor one day consultative meeting, we provide lunch for all the pastors. Apart from resolving several agendas for our ministry, I preached and encouraged the pastors to have a great passion for the mission and for the lost souls.


Brother Colin, it is now 12:57 A.M. at midnight and I am so tired for the whole big day in our ministry. With our brother Evangelist Manigun, who was a Muslim but many years ago converted into Christian,  with him we went to many Muslims areas in preaching and sharing the gospel individually to our Muslim brethren in a secret places. Because it is so danger, to openly share the gospel to our Muslim brethrens, that is why we did in a secret places. Therefore we came back very late at night and I am so tired now.


Again today as it is now 12:57 A.M. in nine hours’ time from now I will be again having a meeting with all our pastors, evangelists, missionaries and all our staffs, to pray together and discuss many things in regards to our current ministry and for our future ministry.


I will email you more tomorrow, after our workers meeting.

Now my eyes are close as I am so tired, let me have some rest for a big day tomorrow with all our workers.

Col, if you can please try to send us at least $ 150,AUD as we need to change the two front tyres of our car Bolero. And I am having no sufficient money to change the two front tyres of our car, as I don’t want to touch the loan money. Because the loan money is keep separately for the projects, so I don’t want to touch it.


Therefore, if you can, kindly send us at least $150, AUD to change the two front tyres of our car. I only have funds for the cost of one tyre, but the two tyres need immediate replacement. I am so sorry to give you a hard time and pressured on you every time when I am in need of something. Please send me when you can and when you have it. Its not hurry I can wait till you have the funds.

As I said, I am so tired now my eyes became very weak, I will write to you more tomorrow after the meeting, as I will be also collecting their ministry reports.


Bless you my brother.


Looking forward to hearing from you very soon, and to see you again in His perfect timing. May His blessing be always upon you and your ministry.



Your missionary brother,


Minthang Suantak.


REPORT 7/2015


RECEIVED 27th JUNE, 2015


Hi Colin,

Greetings from your family and church members here in Imphal, Manipur. It was so good and encouraging to have a telephonic talked with you this morning, thank you so much for your generous telephone called.

Col, this report was already typed it on Thursday night to send it to you, however since my computer have had another internet server problem, I couldn’t email you. I don’t know for some reason my computer did always playing up and cause me lot of troubles and delayed me in my work which got me into frustration.

Now below is the revival report of our works here in Manipur.

On Tuesday the 16th June, with Manigun and David we went to Pangei in one of the student hostel, as we were invited by the manager of the hostel to preached to the students. I did all the preaching. After my preaching I made an alter called and about 35 students gave their life to Christ. After that we did prayed for them, both Manigun and Pastor David help me in praying for all the students. Manigun was a Muslim fundamentalist but converted into Christianity many years ago, and still very strong in his faith and is now a powerful missionary. We noticed that many of the students were touched by the Holy Spirit. We came back very late in the evening.

On Saturday the 20th June, again I was invited for the Bible study class amongst the Muslims who now converted into Christianity. Muslims who were converted into Christianity and thrown out from their community were now staying together in one particular place, about 7 families staying together. Someone help them built a church and small huts for their temporary living in one colony. We went there with our brother Manigun and Pastor David and conducted a Bible study for them. It was very interesting time we spend along with them in prayers and Bible studies. They asked me lots of their confusing questions in the Bible comparing with their Quran. I did my best to answers all their questions. And we were all very happy as we could all came together in one common faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and His free gifts of Salvation to all mankind.

On Monday the 22nd, June, I went back to Saitol and S.Kotlian with Pastor David. In Saitol we went to many of the Fellowship centers and prayed together and encouraged them to stayed very strong in their faith in Christ and to continue the revival programs. They were very encouraged to see us and very strong in their faith committed to be a strong disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ, preaching and teaching the gospel to the nation as long as they breathe here on earth is their strong vows.


Colin, everywhere we go there is a strong wave of revival following us, even on that particular day on the 22nd, as soon as we arrived Saitol and started praying the strong current of revival took place right where we were praying, as some people were again slain in the spirit before we even finish our prayers. They started speaking in tongues and the house was completely full of joyful noise and sound of praising God. That make us to stay very long as we could not leave immediately it lasted for nearly three hours as people couldn’t stop praying, speaking in tongues singing spiritual songs. It delayed us to go to S.Kotlian church, but we informed S.Kotlian church what was happening and some of them came and witnesses. By the time we arrived S.Kotlian on the same night it was already at 10 P.M. at night. However with some people at S.Kotlian we have a prayer meeting in the house of my uncle who is also the elder of the church. Again in that place another small revival took place and we were there till 12, at midnight. We started from S.Kotlian towards Imphal at 12, at midnight and arrived home at 1:45 a.m. early in the morning. But we were so encouraged to see how all these great revival happening wherever we go.


Again Tuesday the 23rd June, the next day or the same day, we started from home towards Churachandpur for a seminar as I was invited to be a lone resource person and the main speaker at Tonzang village (It was an Evangelical church) which is about another nearly 70 kilometer from Churachandpur town. It was in a muddy potholes rough road that we drove our Bolero jeep, praise God our Bolero is having 4 x 4 otherwise there were places where we could stuck as in some places there is a huge muddy and too slippery high roads. But since our jeep Bolero is having 4 x 4 so we could access to get through. On our arrival at Tonzang village we were giving a warm and joyful welcome by the villagers. We immediately proceeded to the church where we had the seminar. I taught and fully concentrating the need of spiritual revival in all my messages. The first session was finished and we came back for the second session and even in the second session of our seminar I again strongly concentrating the need of spiritual revival in the Christian churches, and told the members that we need to prepared and open our hearts for revival to take place. To cut the long story short, than at the end of my teaching which is in the late afternoon, before I close my messages I made an alter call, to my great surprised about 123 people came during the alter called. At first to see all these 123 people, for some time I didn’t know what to do, but as I normally did in many places I started laying my hands on them started praying, again another greater surprised happening as every person that I lay my hands on they were slain in the spirit and started speaking in tongues and sing a spiritual song with tears, shouting Hallelujah to the top of their voices.


Everyone inside the church got great surprised to see the working of the Holy Spirit to His saints. Now not only the people who came for the alter called, but even people who did not come to the alter called were also slain in the spirit. Dear friends remember this is not in an Inter-denominational church, but it is in a very strong Fundamental denomination church, strictly following their denominational rules and dogmas enshrined in their strong constitution. I don’t know how long the pastors in this churches will keep loving me as I broke the strong rules of their churches. I may not be invited again by the pastors, but I can promise you, I have the hearts of the people and they will keep inviting me again. The pastors in all these churches may not love me as I said, but I don’t worry as I have the peoples mandates.


On Wednesday the 24th June, I was again invited to Phowaibi area for seminar. I went there with our police Lian. Again to cut the long story short there we have a strong waved of revival it happened during my teaching about Revival. The whole congregation was full on Holy Spirit fire. Everyone started speaking in tongues, and the hall was full of hallelujah words and sounds of praising God.

During my first session of teaching, my beloved brother Colin rang me but as I was teaching someone pick up the phone and informed Colin that I was teaching in a seminar. Though it was a seminar but great revival have taken place and there was a great out pouring of the Holy spirit. Police Lian was stand amazed to see the great working of the Holy Spirit amongst the lives of the people. We came back very late at night.


Yesterday the 25th June, Thursday, I went to Sadar hills areas for a seminar conducted by a denominational church. There again during my teaching there was an out pouring of the Holy Spirit and another current waved of revival was taken place. People were slain in the Holy Spirit when I prayed for them, and they started speaking in tongues and there was fire of the spirit. The pastor of the church looked at me with a strange looking and he approached me and asked me what is this? I told him it is the work of the Holy Spirit and an out pouring of the Spirit of God to His children. He was not happy with me but honestly I didn’t care and couldn’t help him anyway. What God has done its done, I have no authority on what God wants to do. He is the supreme power and in His sovereign plan He did it what he wants to perform it.


This morning I got phone calls by at least 5 to 7 peoples who gave me the feedback of the seminars and the revival that was taken place. These people cordially invited me again to visit their churches. They even told me they don’t care what their pastors and leaders of the church think about me and them, it is the work of the Holy Spirit and they even told me that they have heard about revival but never seen it. It is the first time they have seen it and experienced it and they even told me that they were fully aware that it is from God and no person on earth could stop them and no power and authority on earth can stop them from what God wants to do in their life. They told me that, they opened up their hearts for God for greater revival to be taken place and they surrender themselves fully before God that revival should take place in order to plant a vibrant churches in Manipur and the surrounding even to our neighbouring countries, Myanmar Bhutan and Nepal.


Col, see I told you the pastors may not like me any longer because of these great outpouring of the Holy Spirit and particularly because of this revival taken place. They thought that it is a wrong doctrines when people were slain in the spirit and when they spoke in tongues, they thought I am teaching the wrong doctrines. Therefore, I may be the number one target of all these pastors. But as I told you, though the pastors didn’t like us I don’t care as long as we are doing what is right in the eyes of God and as long as we are teaching the sound Biblical teaching. WE HAVE THE PEOPLES MANDATES.


Col, I notice there is some technical problems in my computer. This gave me lots of trouble and delayed in my official and administration works. I need a new monitor for my old desktop computer. If only I change the monitor of my old desktop I can use my old desktop computer in a very good condition. As the CPU, keyboard etc are still in a very good condition. The only part needed to replace is the monitor and the UPS (Uninterrupted power supply), and also most importantly we need a printer and a scanner. The computer mechanic told me if I calculated it in a very low price, it will cost you at least $350 AUD, to installed your old desktop computer for your works he said. Now the problem I always encountered in sending email was not only the internet server problem, according to the mechanic he told me that my laptop computer is too old and could not support the software properly. This caused you all this problem he said.


So, it is my humble request to you, to see if we can get some funds to replace my computer which will be very easy for me to email you all the important reports and documents anytime without having much tension, but if it is a problem for you please don’t get the trouble I will have to adjust myself with this computer.


Dear Col, all this revival that is taken place is just because of you. You are really the man who ignite the match and the light came in. You are the real Ice breaker for all this successful ministry that is now happening in Manipur. But wait there is more to come it is just the beginning of the greater works to be accomplish.


May the good Lord continue to bless you is my prayers always for you and for all our partnership churches and those who financially support us.

Give our love and regards to your wife Jenny Lambert and to all the members of Discover church and to Pastor Steve.

Hope you have a good time with Discover church tonight. Have a wonderful fellowship with them. Looking forward to hearing from you very soon and to see you again in His perfect timing.

Bless you my beloved brother. Shalom.


Your missionary brother,


Minthang Suantak.



REPORT 8/2015




Dear Colin,

Greetings from your family and church members here in Imphal, Manipur. Report about the very exciting and wonderful missionary journey to Tonzang village in Manipur, Myanmar border on the 1stJuly, 2015.

On Wednesday the 1st July, 2015, at 9 A.M, in the morning we started from our house with my very good friend Mr. Mani towards Tonzang village which is situated in the Manipur Myanmar border.
Our mission and purpose, during this trip to Tonzang village was for bringing revival to the people during one day seminar cum spiritual awakening program organized by the villagers at Tonzang village in particular and the areas in general.

It was really a very tiring and very long, long, hard trip due to the much dilapidated road condition. The road condition was worst, with lots of big potholes in a very muddy and slippery hilly road. The bad weather with a heavy down pouring of rain being one of the most irritated experienced on that bad road. But praise God for our vehicle a Bolero Jeep, which have 4x4, otherwise we could have stuck on the middle of the road as the road was to muddy and slippery. Using the special 4x4 gear of our vehicle we could access to got it through. It is almost 7 hours traveling on that dilapidated road to get into Tonzang village. We were much tired and physically exhausted as the road was horrible.

However, soon after our arrival at Tonzang village, in no times all our pain and weaknesses have lifted away, after we met spiritually hungry and thirsty people who gave us a wonderful welcoming signed.  Due to the spiritual atmosphere all our pain and tiredness have out weighted as soon as we enter the village and met the loving and wonderful people.

Col, the revival started right from the car to the church. What I mean to say is, as soon as we arrived at the village, people just stormed in to our car shook my hands and there already some people shouted Halleluija, praise the Lord. (Minthang told me on the phone that about 15 people were shaking even before they entered the church) Immediately we proceeded to the church and started singing songs and I started my preaching constantly focusing the serious need of revival. It is very un-usual church service or a seminar. We didn’t even have a meeting conductor or any kind of formalities of the church normal services. Now from this you can see and imagine how much people were hungry and thirsty for the word of God. The total number of the people attended the service on this particular day was 357 people.


The revival started even before I finished my preaching, while I was preaching with fully anointed by the Holy Spirit and being filled by the Holy Spirit I spoke on the importance and the serious need of revival. Challenging people with the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ, that we all need to open our hearts for God to pour out His Spirit on us, and told them that revival will only take place when you are ready to receive the Holy Spirit. I think I was overwhelmed by the move of the Spirit, as there was some unnatural thing which I sense that happened in my body, as I sense that as if I was lifted from the ground about 2 to 3 inches during my preaching. Than immediately people from the back bencher started shouting Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Praise the Lord and were slain in the spirit and started speaking in tongues even before I lay my hands and pray for them. I even did not finished my preaching, but the Holy Spirit was already at work. From the back bencher revival swift across the whole congregation that was inside the church with 357 people. Than I stopped preaching as the whole congregation was slain in the Spirit.

At this point the pastor tried to stop them, tried to control them as I was preaching, but when I noticed that the pastor of the church was trying to control the audience who were already slain in the spirit, than I straightway told the pastor not to do anything to the people as they were being baptized in the Holy Spirit. Than the pastor asked me what is this, I told him watch them and ask God not me. Now the pastor was broke out with tears and suddenly knelt down and prayed. The brother who came with me, Mr. Mani approached the pastor and prayed for him. Than brother Mani came back to me and asked me what is happening Minthang, than I told him this is what we always talked about spiritual revival, now it has taken place you watch I said. Than immediately brother Mani too was slain in the Spirit and started speaking in tongues.

Now let me tell you who my friend brother Mani who accompanied me is?  Brother Mani is from a very strong Presbyterian background. At first I was not aware of my friend Mani to come with me at Tonzang. The first arrangement for the trip was, I will take our police Lian with me, as he is from this area, he Lian was fully agreed with me. However, being a police he is under the authority, therefore at the last minute, he was not granted leave to come with me, as the police department assigned him for a routine duty. I therefore, asked my good friend Mani if he can accompany me to Tonzang for a seminar he said yes I would love to accompany you for your ministry engagement. Accordingly we both went to Tonzang.

But as I said, my friend Mani is from a strong Presbyterian church. But this trip was a great blessing and an eye opener for him spiritually. During this trip, he did slain in the spirit and spoke in tongues, now he is finally baptized in the Holy Spirit with fire.

During our service, when revival was going on with a very strong waved, hearing the loud sound and noises inside the church. Three men in the village who got sick from different sicknesses came to see what was happening. As soon as they entered the church, people from the back started praying for them and they constantly got healed and they too were slain in the Spirit.

Col, look I didn’t prayed for these three men but even before they come to me, the people from the back bencher prayed for them and they got healed, praise God and praise God.

After the church service, we all came out of the church as it was very late in the afternoon and my friend Mani and I have to come back home. But before we leave the village, we had a good talked with the pastor of the church. This is what the pastor told me in front of all the church members. Rev, Suantak to be very honest at first I was reluctant to invite you, because we knew it that everywhere you go there is a changed and revival took place. Being a man of Baptist pastor, I personally felt that it is a wrong doctrine, as we the Baptist church did not believed in baptism in the Holy Spirit and slain in the Spirit and speaking in tongues. According to our doctrine these are all false teaching. Therefore, I was so reluctant to invite you. However, the people and members of my church kept pressing me to invite you, so I couldn’t resisted them and inviting you very reluctantly.
And I asked him, what do you feel now after seeing all this God’s powerful miracles and the wonderful working of the Holy Spirit into the believers of your church? He answered me it is just excellent and hit the spot. The pastor kept saying that, after 35 years in the Christian ministry, this is the first time I encountered the real spiritual warfare and I am so thankful and I praise God from the depths of my heart. Now I am full on spiritual fire and I will help the members and give my maximum co-operation in their afford to bring revival to other places including Myanmar.

The people of Tonzang church told me just before we leave. They said, now we were all baptized in the Holy Spirit and ready to move forward to other villages and areas to preach and bring revival and plant a vibrant churches even in Myanmar.

Some people in the church, have already formed a group to go to Myanmar in the earliest possible time to bring revival, and the pastor told me that he will give his maximum co-operation and if possible he will go along with them.

Now the pastor told me, we will keep inviting you anytime, for counseling, preaching, teaching, etc, I said yes you are more than welcome to invite me anytime you need me, but inform me at least three weeks before the fix date as I am always occupied in my program. 


Dear Col, all this is happening because of God and you. You are the real ice breaker, a forerunner for all this great spiritual revival that is now taking place. You are our great spiritual MENTOR, we are really proud of you my beloved brother.

Yesterday, in the late night on our way back home, when I thought about my dooms day and the great pressured and depression I had, when everyone of my so called good friend including … have left me all by myself. You are the only true brother and friend I have, even during my greatest doomsday and depression. All those sad memories came to my mind again and I endlessly thought about your love and concern for my wellbeing that make me to set rivers of tears gushing from my eyes. Brother Mani told me what happened to you Minthang? After all those great work of the Holy Spirit and wonderful miracles of God happening in the village, what make you set tears? I couldn’t give him the answer immediately, but after sometime I told him. Those bad memories of my doomsday came back to me, and it always automatically came to my mind the love, care and concern for my wellbeing which my beloved big brother Colin always offer it for me. That make me to set rivers of tears, but let this tears be tears of joy and happiness.

Col, even while typing this email to you, I typed it this with tears as I always remember your love, care and concern, when everyone of my so called good friend left me, you still showed me you love and you are always ready to help me. I am so proud of you my BIG BROTHER. YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND, MY BIG BROTHER AND MY GREAT MENTOR. ALL THE VOCABULARIES IN THE WORLD, ALL THE BEST WORDS IN THE WORLD WILL NEVER EVER CAN TELL ABOUT MY JOY, HAPPINEES AND MY APPRECIATION AND LOVE TOWARDS YOU. I AM SO PLEASE TO BE APART OF YOUR TEAM MY BROTHER. YOU ARE MY GREAT HERO.

Pastor David is with me now and he show me typing this with tears. He pastor David love you Colin, he appreciate you so much. BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE EXCITING NEWS TO COME LATER. AS YOU SAID WE ARE NOW ON THE ROAD TO A SUCCESSFUL DESTINY.


Bless you my brother.

Looking forward to hearing from you very soon and to see you in His perfect timing.


Your missionary brother,


Minthang Suantak.




























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