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Hi Col.

Trust you are doing great under His grace.

Thank you so much for the funds got it yesterday.

Col, on Saturday the 25th, August, at around 4:30 pm, we had a seminar at Iroisemba; the seminar was mainly organized for the people who haven’t heard the gospel of our Lord. It was very successful as we had about 79 people who listened to the word of God for the first time also about 15 back-slidden Christians. So altogether we had about 94 people in total.

The seminar was organized by the Evangelical Church and some individual strong believers. Rev Rakhon invited ne to this seminar to be a preacher and a counsellor. On that day, to my great surprise one man stood up and shared his great testimony before I started preaching. The man was totally unknown to me at first, though he came close to me shook my hand and talked to me, but I couldn’t remember who he was. He told me when you hear my testimony you will recognize me.

This man stood up first and started sharing his testimony with joy of tears from his eyes. It was a wonderful and heart touching testimony. Everyone was emotional by hearing his powerful conversion. He said that he was once a very bad man, intoxicated heavily with drugs, robbed people, fought, attacked many people with knifes, and other dangerous weapons. He joined a gang robbing many innocent people giving many people serious injuries some nearly to death while stealing their money, to get drugs and many other intoxicating items to fulfil their selfish desires.

He said that a few years ago, on one fine afternoon I heard that there was a home fellowship organized by a handful of local Christian at Karang. In that home fellowship a man from Australia is going to preach I was thinking of attacking the man and all the Christians who organized that home fellowship and beat them up. So I invited one of my friends to help me to cause big trouble to the man from Australia and to torture all the Christians in that area on that particular day.

So with my friend we went there, but before the man from Australia and his team arrived, I was given very good hospitality by the home fellowship group. They offered me, tea and snacks so my friend and I enjoyed their refreshment. I sensed that the local Christians were much doubtful and troubled by my presence but they couldn’t send me away.

The man from Australia and his team arrived at the house where the Home fellowship was hosted. The meeting was started and they sang some songs. The man from Australia preached a very short but great and authentic sermon. His preaching and teaching meant so much to me and I was fully infused by his great preaching of the word of God. I was a man fully against Christianity and the word of God. Listening his message of the gospel, I was totally disturbed and confused, asking myself am I not going to fulfil my plan to torture this group of Christians today? What is my purpose for coming to this small home fellowship? I was definitely unprepared for any emotional thinking, but unknowingly tears flowed down from my eyes by hearing his message of love and salvation. My friend asked me what is happening with you? I calmly replied my friend, nothing, and I asked him are you listening to this man’s sermon? My friend said yes, so I asked him do you feel anything strange? He said oh yes.  Then I told him, you please go, leave me here alone I will come to you later. So my friend left me and I was still listening to the man.

At last I gave my whole life to Jesus Christ and the man from Australia prayed for me immediately. I got joy and unspeakable peace in my heart and returned home in peace and absolute happiness accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord. Since from that afternoon, my life is fully upside down and a great change took place in my life. I am now what I am today and have become a humble missionary to our nation heralding the gospel of God and preaching the gifts of Salvation in Christ to men and women in our state.

The man from Australia is no other than Colin Lambert. When he said that, I was totally shocked and even unprepared for the emotion that followed. Sir, do you recognized me now? I said yes I remember.

Col, do you remember the day we went to Thanga Karang in a boat, and we visited one home group at the island? After that we came back and we had another Home fellowship at Karang just below the road where we had about 35 to 40 people in the late afternoon, on that day many women came to the Lord through your preaching.

Now this man told me he was having chronic chest pain, due to the heavy drugs and smoke. But according to his confession on that day after you led him in a salvation prayer he requested you to pray for his chest problem and he got absolute healing. You told him to also pray for other sick people and they will get healed.

Now this man told us in his testimony, it is nearly two years after he accepted Jesus Christ that he kept evangelizing in our state praying for hundreds of people with different sicknesses and they got healed in Jesus name.

He said I never got any training or any good degree, the only qualification I have is when Colin told me to pray for other people as well, and they will be healed. With that ordination from Colin, today hundreds of people got healed through my humble prayers. So I request all my beloved brothers and sisters that you will also go preach the gospel and heal many people in the name of Jesus Christ.

Col, according to his powerful testimony he led many people to the Lord and prayed for many as well. Someone informed him that I will be preaching at Iroisemba on Saturday the 25th. So he came to meet me and to share his testimony. He was a gang leader but now he is a soul hunter and a fisher of men, through your ministry here in Manipur. The bible says cast your bread upon the waters for after many days you will find it again. (Eccl11:1)This is what exactly happened in our ministry. Let us give all the glory to God in the highest. Everyone on that day was fully moved by his powerful conversion and everyone started asking me, where is Colin now and when is he coming back to Manipur?

You always told me that in the ministry if we faithfully do without a shadow of doubt, and never give up... God will surely bless us in an expected ways in unexpected places.

He is the fruit of your labour in Christ.

Looking forward to hearing from you very soon and God willing to see you again in His perfect timing.

Bless you my brother. Shalom.

Your missionary brother

Minthang Suantak  

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