When a Holy Spirit revival starts in a particular area, new home fellowship churches are started. Our aim is to train the leaders of the Home Fellowships at Harvest Faith Bible College Imphal. We then plan to give a co-opereative loan to the Home Fellowships, the proceeds of which will be used to repay the loan, pay their Bible College Fees then support their ongoing ministry. Once the Home Fellowship Chruches have grown to a sufficient size the assistant leader will then plant a new church in a new area.  Once a Holy Spirit revival starts go back to the start of this paragrahp. Hence a progressive vision.





  1. Our vision is to make more and better disciples of Jesus Christ in North East India even to reach the hidden people.

  2. Teaching, releasing and empowering evangelists and church planters.

  3. Establishing developmental processes that will enable indigenous ministry to be self-suficient.

  4. The provision of short-term financial assistance of no more than two years support for church planting pastors.

  5. To capture the heart of world wide believers, releasing their talents and abilities in the mission fields in Nth East India and the world.

  6. To connect Christians from other denominations with their North East Indian counterparts.

  7. To grow vibrant local indigenous churches.

  8. To propagate successful outcomes and methods of ministry developed over our years of experience.

  9. To connect international ministry with our North East Indian partners. We are not travel agents.





1. We are a born again Holy Spirit filled ministry_ as evidenced by the gifting of the Holy Spirit working in us.

2. We emphasise three main facets of teaching: (1) salvation, (2) the baptism in the Holy Spirit for empowermed ministry and (3) the authority of  the  believer in Christ.

3. We believe it is ultimately the indigenous people who will make the biggest impact in reaching their own nation.

4. We believe that the book of Acts is just that and not just an interesting history book. It is a blueprint and bench mark for all New Testament Churches that follow.

6. We believe it was the following principles made the first Church such a dynamic force:


  • They were: all filled with the Holy Spirit; were with one accord and in one place; had all things in common; witnessed powerfully about the resurrected Christ; signs and wonders followed their ministry and they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers.

  • The spiritual sacrifice of the death of Jesus Chrsit and His resurection, released spiritual power.

  • People marveled at the disciples then they realised that they had been with Jesus.

  • The apostolic ministry commenced.

  • Persecution took place.

  • Miraculous deliverance by God against persecution, but not always.

  • A Spirit-filled life is characterized by holiness and spiritual power.


Our ministry seeks to copy and implement the principles of success that made the first Church described in the book of Acts, so effective.




Wise western missionary organisations are becoming increasingly aware of the need for missionary partners to own their ministry. By that I mean indigenous partners should rely on God, investing as much of their own resources into their ministry as they can. Western financial support shouldn't be seen as an entitlement. In saying this, it is important to take into consideration the economic circumstances of each case. The principle is that all ministry should look to God for provision. When everything is given to a ministry under an expectation, there is no element left to seek God for the miraculous. Without the miraculous there is usually little life in a ministry.


Considerable land is owned by members of the VCC however, the working capital needed to fund viable projects is absent. Development loans are sought from interested contributors. The concept behind the development loan is that there is an expectation that it will be paid back by them. This provides the infrastructure necessary for the ministry to be self funded. The contributor of the development loan can then decide if the investment has been worthwhile and contribute the funds to an additional project accompanying exponential growth within the kingdom of God.


Please see the Developmental Loan tab sub-page.



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