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1) A bible college isn't currently operating in the Diplomatic Centre. We have had three intakes of students since 2015. Bible Colleges are actually cash flow negative and at the moment we are concentrating on development projects that will enable us to develop Harvest Faith Bible College more fruitfully. Ultimately we expect the College to sustain itself financially with further development projects. This is a long term goal.


In short it is a necessity to properly develop church planting pastors. Realistically speaking, indigenous teachers are needed because it is highly unlikely that international teachers will be available to teach for prolonged periods of time. However, that doesn't mean to say that teaching can't be suplemented by interational teachers. Moreover, it is important to expose students to a variety of teaching styles extending beyond indigenous boundaries.


2) A detailed curriculum is available for international teachers willing to teach lectures and tutorials for the length of their missionary stay from 1 week to three months.


3) A full range of mission experience is offered and other areas of service can also be part of the teaching experience.


4) Indian nationals who have been trained in the bible college will also be released to minister in other states and regions.



It is with much pleasure to announce that the first batch of Bible College Students will complete a Certificate in Christian Ministry in Mar - June 2016.

Our aim is for Harvest Faith Bible College to be self funded, however, over the first ten years it could be a financial drain on our limited resources. We encourage donations to this exciting new initiative.



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