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Rural Outreach at Hindu Village Approx 300 men women and children attended. A new church was started.


Above Police Church Imphal. Not enough seats for people to hear the crazy Australian preacher.​ Pastor David 2nd from right. Has developed several ex-Hindu home churches. Is a tireless worker.

Manglem: Excellent Interpreter. Ex-Hindu

Left: The daughter of Minthang's friend Lian. Lian gave his heart to the Lord after hearing me discuss a comparison between Hinduism and Christianity. Lian's wife came the next day gave her life to Christ. The day after she brought her friend who gave her life to Christ. I don't know about the daughter and husband yet. Probably. They tend to follow the patriarch of the family. ​Lian now travels with Minthang on ministry.

Hindu mother and daughter on the way to a Hindu ceremony. Come and minister to them.​

Above an Apostolic Church Youth Seminar. They are on fire for God and bring their friends.

Can you see yourself ministering here? Approximately 400 attended from may different denominations.

Above: Toubul Baptist Church. Five adult Christians. About 50 people attended to hear me not all shown here. Can you help the Pastor?

Left: The church name said AOG but I'm not so sure. The women wore head scarfs which suggest that they are Unitarian (United Pentecostal). Although I notice

that the girls in the choir didn't have head scarves.

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