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Dear Colin and our beloved team. Greetings from your family and church members here in Imphal, Manipur.


It is with joy we are writing this email, sorry for taking so long to write this email. The reason for our delayed in getting this report to you is due to the computer problem. But now we are happy that we bought a brand new computer for the office and ministry. We also thank God for the safety arrival of your home. We never cease to pray for you all. We once again thank you the team, 1. Colin 2. Philip 3. Daniel and 4. Tina Greenwood. You have made a great impact to the lives of the people in Manipur and created a wonderful history through your visit, and the wonderful ministry you performed to the people of our state. In the future we believed, together we can changed the whole seven states of the North East India with the gospel of our Lord. To transformed our nation from darkness to the light of the gospel, we need your support and co-operation.  




Colin and Mrs. Tina Greenwood prayed for one particular Muslim lady, who travel 300 kilometers to be prayed for was instantly healed by God’s amazing miracles and through the prayers of brother Colin and sister Tina Greenwood. Now, our beloved Muslim Lady is the happiest person and live a very concrete strong Christian life. She strongly embrace the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and is now became a very strong Christian and hold on to her great faith in Christ alone. After she got God’s miracle in her life, which followed her strong conversion into Christianity, through the prayers of brother Colin, and sister Tina Greenwood, she is very bold to shared and preached the gospel to other Muslim and to whomsoever she meet. We keep telling her to be careful, however she said she don’t care about herself but her main objective and target is to bring people as much as she can to the feet of Jesus Christ, Saviour of the World, a living and loving Lord, Redeemer for all nations and a great healer. We are always helping her in anything that we can, I also tried to bring her to Imphal, for her safety. As she works in the government I am doing my best to get her transfer in Imphal  for safety. But I don’t want to talk more about this issue at this stage, for her safety reason.  I will get in touch with you all for any kind of development, regarding. Abdul X, is very helpful after his conversion into Christianity only hardly two months ago. He also brought her wife to our Diplomat center for counseling and to be prayed for. It was last week Abdul X brought his wife to our Diplomat center, where we did counseling and prayed for her. But on that particular day she was only 70% changed, but now she is fully converted and 100% strong Christian. She is now a great helper and supporter for her husband Mr. Abdul X in his ministry among the Muslim. They are now planning to bring all their children to our Head Office for counseling and to be prayed for. It will happen next week if all our plans are going good.


As a result of the team visits at Andro Shine Academy, there is a major changed in the lives of the people in Andro. According to the information we got from Luna, the preaching, teaching of Colin, and Daniel and the sharing of Tina Greenwood and Philip is now become the talked of the area. Luna also told us that, many people have shown signs of their interest in Christianity. According to Luna very soon we can plan a church and gradually converted the whole area into Christianity.

As a result of the team visit to Shine academy at Andro, small community of Christian in Andro request Luna to takeover the Christian school right in the central of Andro which was started many years ago, but with no signs of improvement. The school which was run by the Christian community at Andro have about 200 students and is upto class X, fully recognized by the state government under education department. The functioning of the school is very poor as they do not have a qualify leader to handle the affairs of the school management properly. Now after the team visited Shine Academy which resulted in giving water baptism to two students, the local Christian put their trust and hope upon Luna. Therefore they request Luna to take over the school which they have run for many years. I am now working hard to set my schedules in line, as of now my schedules is packed full. In the midst of all these my busy schedules I will try to get a time to go to Andro to  have a good talk with the leaders in regards for Luna to take over the school. Once we take over the school we can be more access to do ministry freely and in a full swing. Keep praying my beloved co-workers in Christ.


Colin, the man you and Phil prayed for on the way to Kakching who was suffering from liver problem was now totally healed. Her daughter who was so persistent that Colin, must pray for my sick father is now became a strong Christian after she confirmed God’s miracles on his ailing father through the prayers of Colin and Phil. Now her father and all her family member is converted into a strong Christian after God healed her father through Colin and Phil’s prayers. She is such a brave and persistent young lady. Because of her faith in Christ, her father got healed and her whole family now became a happy Christian family.


A young housewife request Colin and Mrs. Tina Greenwood, to prayed for her husband who is a military and posted in Jamu and Kashmir, during Colin and Tina prayed for the Muslim lady. Colin and Tina did prayed for the husband of the young lady who is a military and addicted to alcoholic posted in a dangerous area of Jamu and Kashmir. Now the wife told us that after Colin and Tina prayed for my husband, the next day of their prayer, my husband rang me up and told me that last night he had a very confusing dream which make him afraid and threatened his life, and as a result he prayed to God and now became a born again spirit filled Christian. Hallelujah Praise God, Amen Amen.

Col, the youth seminar which we organized at our Diplomat center in collaboration with David, was greatly success. As a result of that seminar through both you and Phil’s sharing till now we have 25 youths accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord, and these youths find churches for themselves to attend. We went to each person encouraging and helping them to find churches for them to regularly attend in their nearby locality. There are many more testimonies to come WAIT THERE WILL BE MORE.

Luna came today and he will go back tomorrow. It is now 8,P.M. and I must go now to the hospital as Khaiboi’s father condition is serious and is admitted in the hospital. I will continue to write more testimonies. Tomorrow we will be having a big meeting at our Diplomat center. We expect many people both old and young to attend. We will preach the gospel and do counseling for the whole day. I will give you the feedback of the meeting.

Bless you my brother. May the good Lord continue to bless you is our earnest prayers.


Your missionary brother.

Minthang Suantak.

Report 16 2015


Received 10th November, 2015

Hi Col,

Greetings from your family and church members here in Imphal, Manipur. It is with joy I am writing this email to you.


We just arrived home from my father village after completing the final funeral service of Khaiboi’s father.  As I told you last weekend was very sad week for us, as there were several funerals. Thlunga’s wife Tanni’s niece was hit by a speeding car and was died on the spot. After that another saddened incident happened that a man very close to my sister’s village died and the next day Khaiboi’s father died. So we were busy and very sad last weekend. Now we are all looking for a bright and happy joyful moments in the future.


Before I write the living testimonies of all the people who got healed and saved through our ministry with the team, I wanted to tell you first the testimony of the Buddhist monk who was converted few months back through my preaching in a remote village of Myanmar border. As I told you earlier, I was preaching in the Myanmar border few months ago. There I came across a Buddhist monk who attend the service and listened to all my preaching. (This man came to the church as a result of the people in the church going out after being baptised in the Holy Spirit.) He got converted and also was slain in the Holy Spirit. Than in no time we parted each other, me coming home immediately as I have to drive many hours to arrived home in a muddy potholes rough road, and he directly went to his home in Myanmar.  Since then, there was no communication between the two of us, as we cannot access to a telephonic talk being the area very interior and no telephone network in his part of the country.


The following week I got a phone call from the pastor of the church at Myanmar border who invited me to preached, and told me that the Buddhist monk who received Jesus Christ as his Lord through my preaching is now very active and very bold to preached the gospel to the people in his home town in Myanmar. He keep preaching the gospel to the people regularly and keep converting people from Buddhism to Christianity. He also tried to convert all his family members from Buddhism to Christianity. The pastor keep telling me, I don’t know what will happen to this monk, but all I knew is that he is actively preaching the gospel to the unreached people regularly and hope to win many lost souls for Christ with no fear for his life. As per the information I got it, this our beloved former Buddhist monk even preaching amongst the Buddhist monks. Col, see we are marching forward to the nations with the gospel of our Lord. We can slowly start seeing the fruit of our hard labors.

He was slain in the Holy spirit and got Baptism in the holy spirit when I laid my hand upon him and prayed for him on the day he received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Master. The pastor at the Myanmar border who invited me to preached, rang me again few days ago and told me that, through his (The Buddhist Monk) tireless and fearless preaching of the gospel, his whole family came to Christ and this was followed by some of his villagers and personal friends. This resulted him in starting a small home fellowship few weeks ago. Now his fellowship is growing stronger and larger as new souls were adding regularly. Therefore, he is now planning to build a church which he aim to accommodate at least few hundreds of people in his home town in Myanmar.

Last few months I had transported full bags of Bibles into Myanmar through this great man of God. It was distributed to whomsoever he came across and also it was given to many families, very soon it was given away. Therefore, I can proudly said that through your generous financial contribution for Bibles, many people in Myanmar got the word of God in their hands and Bibles is found in many families in the southern part of Myanmar.  He is now desperately in need of another jeep loads of Bibles for Myanmar. Please pray with us for funds to get Bibles to be distributed in Myanmar, that we may be able to keep Bibles to many homes in Myanmar. People are hungry and thirsty for the word of God. Though we cannot access to get into this interior parts of Myanmar. However, through our works and great contribution, the word of God is penetrating through to many families and individual people through the faithfulness and sincere works of our friends. I am sure that the seed we sow it now in many areas including Myanmar will surely sprout it out in the very near future. I don’t know when BUT it will surely bring fruits and we will joyfully harvest it.

It is now 8,15, P.M, since we arrived here at 7,P.M. from my father village, I am a bit tired and there are many people waiting me. Therefore I will write to you more sometime tomorrow. Bless you my brother. May the good Lord continue to bless you is our earnest prayers for you.
Looking forward to hearing from you very soon and to see you again in His perfect timing. Your missionary brother,


Minthang Suantak


REPORT 17 RECEIVED 17/11/2015


Greetings from your family and church members here in Imphal, Manipur. It is with joy we are writing this email to you. Since we are very busy in our daily ministry assignments, I couldn’t get the time to sit in front of my computer and write the ministry report. Daily we went out early in the morning and came back late in the evening, by the time we arrived home it is around 10:30 pm very exhausted and the next day early in the morning went out again. Many times I did not even have time to eat my food.


Yesterday Sunday after our church service here, we went to two different places including S.Kotlian. I thought of taking Rajesh with me, but he was not available at his home, so I went with David, Kamthang Lalchaboi and our friend Mr, Ngaranmi. After we visit these two places, preaching and teaching the word of God, we came arrived home at 10:45 pm.


Col, the other we went to Thoubal to the man that you and Philip prayed for with a liver and kidney problem. We also met his daughter and we had good fellowship with the family. I asked the girl who was persistent to have you pray for her ailing father. She told me that one day when she was very upset thinking about her father’s sickness, a man came to her and told her about you and even about me that if you find Colin and Minthang and if they pray for your father then he will surely get healed. After that the man went out from me, I did not see the man again or even asked him where he came from or his name. Till today I have never met him nor could not find him. It’s a mystery she even thought that he could be an angel of the Lord. She doesn’t know how to find him again. She told me she tried many times to find this man.


Now the family has become Christian and after you and Philip prayed for her he is now totally healed. Next Sunday they may come to our church, but not sure. However we are planning to start a fellowship center in their house. Col, regarding the Buddhist monk, who is now trying to build a church in his village in Myanmar, he is now very persistent to build a church and will invite many of his fellow monks to the church after he completes it. Yesterday the pastor at Tonzang called me over the phone and we had a good telephonic conversation. Last week the pastor of Tonzang village went to Myanmar where the Buddhist monk was working hard to convert people into Christianity. He had a good fellowship and serious discussion with the monk about the ongoing ministry. The Buddhist monk who was converted through my preaching is now so interesting and eager to build a church that will accommodate a few hundred people. For your kind information, don’t forget that it is two different monks. I think you are confused because I did not inform you or email you before, about this monk who converted through my preaching. I only informed you about the other monk who was converted through the preaching of our team in Myanmar border as a result of a great revival that was happening after they were baptised in the Holy Spirit. Now without any expectation about this monk, few weeks ago I got a telephone call from a pastor and told me about this monk who was converted through my preaching, and when I shared to you over the phone, perhaps you got confused about these two monks. Because I did not give you the proper information, as I too was too surprised and was so happy to learn that the monk that I suspected to be only an investigator or only acting was very strong in his faith in Christ now. I think this will give you some ideas and might heal your confusion.


Now, as I told you the other monk who was converted and gave his life to Christ through the sharing and preaching of our team as a result of the revival that was broke out in the Myanmar border, that we did not find his where about for a while is now found few days ago by our team led by our pastor when they visited Myanmar recently. He too (the Monk) is very actively working at the other side of the Myanmar border. He the monk is working very hard to bring people into the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Since he was deadly threatened by his family and his former friends (Monks) he went to the other side of Myanmar and working there for the Kingdom ministry. Therefore, we didn’t know where his where about for a while. I got this new progressive information from the pastor at the Myanmar border yesterday, as they found him and worked together with him a few days ago. Col, these two monks need huge amount of Bibles to be freely distributed in Myanmar.

Please pray for the funds to buy heaps of English Bibles and shifted to Myanmar border that many people and many families will have the word of God in their hands. Col, I am going out now again for another ministry, the team is waiting for me, I even could not write this report in peace as our team has asked me to hurry up.


There are lots and lots of testimonies and progress report I need to send it to you, however these days, I am fully engaged in our daily ministry routine. People invited us to have a follow up programs to the places and churches where you and the team preached.  Look you make me to be a very, very busy boy. I am too busy in the ministry therefore I am not having a time to sit in my office in front of my computer and to write ministry progress report. But I will try my best to get a time to write to you the ministry report in the midst of all these very busy ministry schedules. Looking forward to hearing from you very soon and to see you again in His perfect timing.


Your missionary brother, Minthang Suantak.




Greetings from your family and church members here in Imphal, Manipur. We begin our report with the successful awakening seminar we had in Nagaland Dimapur and in Imphal. As I had already told you, we organized a statewide seminar in Manipur and Nagaland. In Nagaland the seminar was held at a Catholic Centre from the 23-24th November and at Imphal it was held at Catholic Diocesan Social Service Society, from the 26-27th November.


The seminar was really the need of the hour particularly for Christian leaders and head of the departments. It was an eye opener for all the participants as the resource persons taught us how to smoothly run and function our organizations in a fruitful status and be successful leaders in our role. All the topics they taught us was the current issue and we got much needed information we need as a Christian leaders. I can positively say that not because from the perspective of me being the state Coordinator, but from the experience we learnt it, the seminar we organized was much important and greatly useful for all the Christian leaders in our region. The same seminar too was organized in Guwahati at CBCNEI campus from the 20-21, November. I had a good talk with the Guwahati coordinator and he told me that even in Guwahati it was really successful and all the participants were much happy and satisfied with the teaching they got it from the resource persons.


As I told you I went to Dimapur Nagaland on the 24th, November, to bring the resource persons in our Bolero car. I was with Pastor David. The next day we arrived back Imphal, by our Bolero car with all the resource person for the seminar. The Christian Institute of Management selected me to be the state Coordinator for Manipur. The seminar started on the 26th, November at 9:30 A.M in the morning at Imphal. Many Christian leaders and social leaders attended the seminar. It was really successful. Till today many people keep ringing me on my cell phone to give us the good feedback of the seminar. As a coordinator for the seminar, I also had a chance to speak and preach to the participants even to the Catholic nuns and priests. It was a great time for a spiritual harvesting. In Nagaland Dimapur while I preached many nuns and even the priest (father) got healed, they even were slain in the Holy Spirit. Praise the Living God. In Manipur, I preached again during the seminar, few Nuns and even the priest came to attend the seminar and some of the nuns were even slain in the Spirit. The priest was not that happy with me. They got a bit upset with me, but I don’t care as long as God does what He wants to do.


Luna from Shine Academy called me this morning and told me that the little girl whose parents thought was possessed by devil as she always fall down like epilepsy. But during our first visit when the team prayed for her, from that day she is totally healed from her sickness. The parents came to Luna and told him that the team from Australia are great men and women of God. My daughter got healed through their prayers. The parents were very happy and are now ready to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and now wanting to become good disciples of our Lord.


God willing let us try to branch out our ministry to all the North Eastern parts of our country very soon. Our target is to bring good reconciliation amongst the many denominational churches in the whole North Eastern states of India, and to spiritually and physically awaken the churches from their deep sleep. As many of the churches in North East India were not much aware of our political situation of our country, our aim is to teach the churches not to stand against the laws and rules of our country. As Christian leaders we need to prove ourselves that we are loyal to our country and to make sure that nothing adverse is done to our country and our great nation India in our Christian ministry. We know Christ is coming soon and the coming of our Lord is imminent it can be today or the next minute, however we are still looking for another hundreds years from now about the ministry, in case if our Lord still gives us few more years to do ministry before His second coming or before he personally take us from here to be with Him everlasting. Therefore let us give good training to our national Christian leaders to be watchful and careful in their ministry for their great success in their effort to save souls for His Kingdom ministry, and to also be able to successfully and wisely oversee the management of their own ministry organization at large.


By God’s grace our ministry is absolutely growing with progress from all angles of our state. Last night we went to Leimakhong a Nepalese fellowships, we were able to visit two fellowship Centres and I preached. Now the fellowship is growing as new souls were being added. I also convey your love and concerns to the believers at Leimakhong. They were so happy and they even told us that they will never stop praying for you (Colin). They keep on praying for you. Next time when you come we will visit them.


On Saturday I went to Nongpok Sekmai for ministry and also had a chance to visit my father’s village My father was so happy to see me, as soon as we met he immediately asked about you. I told him Colin is doing very well. He kept asking me do I have regular correspondence and communication with Colin? I said yes, then tears rolling out from his eyes and I told him to be happy and not to worry for anything. He then told me that every morning at 4:30 A.M I kneel down and pray for Colin, unless I got very sick, I go to the church kneel down in the throne room of God and pray always for Colin with thanksgiving to God. Col, my father is very close to you in his heart. He wanted me to always communicate with you and to always talk with you over the phone. You are very special in my father’s heart.


Now all my children were preparing for their examinations. My son Joe is now in his first year of the three years degree course we call it B.A. Bachelor of Arts. My eldest daughter Annie is in her final year of the three years degree course. My second daughter Ruby is in her XII final, and my youngest daughter Deborah is in her class 5. My nephew Lianlalthang whose father died and mother got married to another man is in his first year of class XI and my niece Rebek the sister of Lianlalthang is also in the same class with her brother class XI and my other nephew Soilemson is in class 7 and my other niece Neidoikim the daughter of my youngest brother Kamboi who died and his wife got remarried is now in class 1. Col, you see I am having a big responsibility to all these God given children apart from my big responsibilities as the head of Vaiphei Christian Church. I always need God’s favour, guidance, protection and provisions, please keep praying for me my brother.


On top of this, my father is getting older each day and losing his strength he wanted me to frequently visit him than ever before. As he is having much depression in all what was happening in my family and even to my ministry. All these bad memories make him weaker and older each day. Later this week God willing I will try to find time to visit him again. God willing we will try to transport bundles of Bibles to Myanmar through the borders. As soon as we do that we will inform you again very soon. Bless you my brother, sorry for the delay in giving you all our updates, as I was too busy and fully occupied with my daily heavy schedules plus the seminar. The internet server is another factor of disturbance. Looking forward to hearing from you very soon and to see you again in His perfect timing. Kindly give our best regards to our sister Jenny Lambert and to all our beloved team members who came with you and supporters. Shalom.


Your missionary brother,

Minthang Suantak.

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