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Our Base: "The Diplomatic Centre."


The Headquarters of the VCC (Vaiphei Christian Church) is located in Imphal the captial city of the State of Manipur, North East India. ​It is estimated that 30,000 people of the tribe of approximately 300,000  people have become Christians.


There are 22 churches associated with the VCC. The senior pastor is Minthang Suantak.


International Missionaries stay in this building during their ministry time. It is one of the better buildings in Imphal and can be securely locked. There is also a fenced compound for added security.


Use of this building significantly reduces the cost to international visitors. JOIN US AND MINISTER WITH US ON AN INTERNATIONAL MISSION TRIP! and see how our amazing God can use your talents and abilities. You might be pleasantly surprised at the cost. Cheaper than many Australian holidays.


Our Contact Person: Colin Lambert Australia 0413 813 455 Email 

Postal address: P.O. Box TBA, LILYDALE, VIC, 3140 Also refer to contact page.

A Typical Rural Church Building


The buildings are generally small and fit perhaps up to 100 people. In the city they can be larger. This is Pastor Mai Bam's church. 14 Hindu women accepted Christ as Saviour and Lord when our team visited his church. The next day they visited him and told him they wanted to join his church. The following day 5 Hindu men came to his home as the women had talked to them. Fortunately they didn't come to give him a bloody nose. One man said he had been waiting for five years for this to happen. Two weeks later our team visited the church again and the men also made a commitment to follow Christ. The VCC area coordinator Cumthang and Mai Bam have been constantly visiting the families in the village and believe that the majority of the village will be won to Christ. Can you see yourself preaching in one of the many churches like this dotted across Manipur? Come share your testimony with people hungry to hear about our amazing God!


An Example of a Rural Outreach Meeting


Approximately 300 Hindu villagers attended this meeting. Two first class comedians, six singers and one of the best bands in Manipur attracted their attention. The gospel was preached and five men came to the Diplomatic Centre to request a pastor be allocated to their village as at least 25 people to their knowledge (and possibly more) had now accepted Christ and wanted to learn more. Can you see yourself joining our outreach team at similar exciting meetings? Your abilities will be used in some way. Would you like to be involved in follow up programs of discipleship?

Welcome to "Little Angels" School


Yes they are praying. The owner of the school is a Christian, but the children are from Hindu and Muslim families as well. Schools hunger for high quality ministry. They love to hear us speak English which is the unifying language throughout India courtesy of the British. English is taught as a subject and with the increase of television in the homes, many English spoken programs are viewed. Language is not a barrier to first class ministry in Imphal and Manipur.

Front Row from left: Pastor David, Kiran, Minthang Suantak

(leader of VCC), Manglem (Interpreter) second row first right.


If you are hungry to see Pentecost then come and see the Holy Spirit being poured out. Please refer to the amazing first hand reports on the FIELD REPORTS TAB​

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