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I am reflecting back on a quite amazing time we had in Imphal Manipur, NE India Just some weeks ago.

Manipurians lack all the trimmings we enjoy living in western society. There is little access to education, People lack the resources to improve themselves and the country remains under developed. A local leader described Manipur as (Many Poor), yet everywhere we saw people who were warm and friendly, possessing qualities that are not always evident in Western culture. The people are spiritual, eager to learn, eager to listen.


Tina and I loved every opportunity we had to engage with these lovely people.

We loved that we could share in several Christian meetings, often attended by many who were not Christians, among them were Hindus, Muslims, and tribal, most wanted prayer and most testified to Gods power healing them. They were very receptive to the Gospel.


We spent many hours sharing with children in the schools and at times with their parents. They were so interested in us sharing our testimonies, sharing about Jesus and the Bible.


A highlight for us was simply sharing in one of the villages of the love Jesus has for us in dying for our sins. A few days after visiting that village we were able to speak to some of the people who gave their lives to Christ.


One of the men of the village explained what he had experienced. “I looked into your eyes when you were telling us about Jesus, I knew what you were saying was the truth and it impacted me, I will do anything to get what you have.” I learned that I was speaking to some of the most influential people in the area.


So looking forward to visiting again and bringing some of you to share your love for Christ and simply witness what God is doing among these amazing people who are so ripe for the Gospel.


Danny Greenwood

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