Lune Vaiphei left his job to develop a school in this large rural, Hindu dominated area. The photo shows the students and staff in March 2016. Most of the staff are Christians. The land actually belongs to a Christian. Lune doesn’t have a secured lease, therefore if he leaves, the school it is forfeited to the owner and for that reason he is also unwilling to expand the facilities of the school. 15-25 Christians regularly meet for worship at the school. An international team has ministered there and the children and parents have thoroughly enjoyed this ministry time. The drunkest man, the richest man and the smartest man all made a commitment to Christ during that ministry time.


The owner of the land has agreed to provide a 50 year lease at the cost of $1,100 in total for the full term if payment is made when the lease is signed.


The people in the area of the school must walk 1-3 km for water. There is an abundant underground water supply at a depth of approximately 300 feet. It will cost approximately $2,000 AU to dig a bore for the community. After the lease has been acquired, we will proceed with this project. It will be an amazing Christian witness for the local community when this is done. We will dig the bore and commence evangelising the area using our Vaiphei workers, our bible college students and international ministry when available. There is no doubt that the area will be significantly won to Christ.


It isn’t necessary to build a church as there are facilities already at the school. We will provide a Pastor for the church at a cost of $5,400 p.a.


Funds are urgently needed to commence the project. Please refer to the DONATE TAB for details.


Please come with us and teach the children and parents on our next ministry trip.




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