I have included this as an example for those interested in teaching in the bible college. Can you see teaching any part of this sylabus for the first subject taught?




The main objective of this subject is the development of a student’s ability to lead others into a saving relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Each student must be able to memorize and recite a selection of relevant salvation scriptures. In addition to this, they must be able to exegete (bring out the meaning of) those scriptures. To that end students will be able to use a those scriptures in a salvation message. Students will develop their own personal testimony in a micro five minute format and a macro half hour format. This will be used for personal witness, church sermons and other teaching assignments.



  1. Lectures followed by class tutorial development of lecture themes.

  2. Lectures 10.00-12 Tutorials 2.00-4.00

  3. Practical Assignments:

- Church preaching assignment

 4. Critical fair analysis of practical assignment in tutorials and individually with lecturers.




  1. Relevant salvation scriptures to be memorized.

  2. The meaning of being born again and receiving the Holy Spirit.

  3. Necessary elements of the five minute testimony.

  4. Necessary elements of the 30 minutes + preaching message.

  5. Expansion of the meaning of salvation scriptures.

  6. Types of altar calls.

  7. A study of the successful methods of great evangelists of revival.

  8. Evangelistic tools.




  1. 5 minute testimony tutorial delivery.                                                          5     Marks

  2. 30 minute testimony tutorial delivery.                                                        5     Marks

  3. Church preaching salvation message.                                                     15     Marks

  4. Mid-term exam                1.5 hour examination.                                        30    Marks

  5. Salvation scripture memory verses recital and exegesis.                      10    Marks

  6. End of term exam 1.5 hour examination.                                                  30    Marks

  7. Class participation.                                                                                       5    Marks

                                                                                                   100 TOTAL MARKS


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