The main objective of this subject is to development of a student’s ability to lead others into a saving relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.


Each student must be able to memorize and recite a selection of relevant salvation scriptures. In addition to this, they must be able to exegete (bring out the meaning) of those scriptures. To that end students will be able to use those scriptures in a salvation message. Students will develop their own personal testimony in a micro five minute format and a macro half hour format. This will be used for personal witness, church sermons and other teaching assignments.




Students will be able to explain the biblical support for the doctrine of the separability between the baptism in the Holy Spirit and receiving the Holy Spirit. They will also be aware of the arguments used both in support of the doctrine and against the doctrine and how to rightly to divide the word of truth. Students will be able to explain the meaning of and reasons for receiving the Holy Spirit and the baptism in the Holy Spirit.


Students will gain a strong awareness of the work and gifting of the Holy Spirit for use in ministry situations. They will learn how people can become baptised in the Holy Spirit understanding that the promise of the Father will always come according to His own will. Students will be given the opportunity to be baptised in the Holy Spirit understanding that God can fill us over and over again.


This is an extremely important subject because it lays a foundation for a move of the Holy Spirit across North East India. The purpose is to convey the needed knowledge that will equip and empower the students and those they minister to.


To explain how the gifts of the Holy Spirit can be used in ministry situations.




The purpose of this subject is to provide students with an introductory course laying a foundation of important doctrines which can be used in the extension of the kingdom of God. In particular:


  • Salvation.

  • The Trinity.

  • Pneumatology summary. (Covered further as a complete subject)

  • The resurrection summary.

  • The Authority of the believer.





The main outcome of this subject is to prepare the student in what to expect with respect to planting a church. For the student to have the tools necessary to structure a Church Planting Plan for their first and subsequent churches. The course content is consistent with the cultural and economic environment of the student’s region.

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