29th October 2019

Hi Col,

We harvested the fish on Monday the 28th October and hired 5 men expert in fish harvesting. Our people also helped. We hired a water pump set and generator to pump out the water from the pond. Due to heavy incessant rain it was difficult to empty the pond easily taking almost 10 hours to bring the water to a low level in the pond. We started pumping out the water at 6 a.m. and catching fish at 4:30 p.m.

Unfortunately my phone slipped out of my hands and dropped in the water as I tried to take pictures. I told the other man to take photos and his phone also slipped and dropped in the water due to heavy rain. Catching of the fish continued till 7:30 p.m. All the fish sellers and business people waited for the harvest to finish despite the heavy rain.

Unfortunately due to a great drought in Manipur this year many of the agricultural product harvests were not good. Therefore, the government imported many tons of fish from outside Manipur and set a subsidised rate due to the difficulties of the drought. In the past, fish sold from 350 to even 500 rupees per kilogram, however this year the government announced that fish will be sold for 250 rupees/kg. Altogether we harvested 821 kilos of fish weighing from 1-3 kilos each and sold it to the wholesalers at a rate of 200 rupees/kg. We made in total 164,200 rupees or $3,284 AU.

We still have around 3,000 small fish in our fish pond, which means we don’t have to buy fish for the next harvest.

Please email me as I dropped my phone in the water.

Once again we thank God and you so much for the fish harvest and the profit that we made.

Looking forward to hearing from you very soon.

Your missionary brother,

Minthang Suantak. 


Note: $3,284 is the profit after costs. Also some fishermen take fish in exchange for their wages.

One of the varieties of fish harvested

& method of harvest

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